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Employee Relations Training & Courses

Training & Courses for Employee Relations Skills in HR

Employee Relations are an important part of any organisation and ensuring your employees are happy, feel motivated and are engaged will guarantee your business is successful. In HR departments it is crucial to be aware of the continuous changes to and interpretations of the law; in particular how this applies to your organisation. Attending up-to-date courses covering this area of employee relations and employment law are important for all member of HR teams.

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Employee Relations
marker Advanced Employment Law 2 days 799 GBP London Reed Learning
An Introduction to Employee Engagement 1 day 570 GBP London CIPD Training
marker Assert Yourself 1 day 575 GBP London Chartered Institute of Marketing
Base and Variable Pay 2 days 1,110 GBP London CIPD Training
Benefits, Pensions and Share Schemes 2 days 1,110 GBP London CIPD Training
CIPD Level 3 Foundation Award in Contributing to the Process of Job Analysis 3 months 870 GBP London CIPD Training
CIPD Level 3 Foundation Award in Resourcing Talent 3 months 1,690 GBP Multiple (2) CIPD Training
CIPD Level 3 Foundation Award in Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management 3 months 1,150 GBP London CIPD Training
CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Award in Employment Law 6 months 1,980 GBP Multiple (5) CIPD Training
CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employee Engagement 20 weeks London CIPD Training
CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Reward Management 12 months 4,399 GBP London CIPD Training
Complete Employment Law 3 days 1,335 GBP London JSB Group
Developing a Reward Strategy 2 days 935 GBP London CIPD Training
Developing an Employee Engagement Strategy 1 day 570 GBP London CIPD Training
Dignity at Work - A Focus on Bullying & Harassment 0.5 days 225 GBP Multiple (4) Theatre&
marker Diversity and Equality in Practice 1 day 520 GBP London Capita Learning & Development
Drive: The surprising truth about workplace motivation 1 day 650 GBP Multiple (2) CIPD Training
Employee Engagement and Organisational Performance: A New Agenda 1 day 399 GBP London Symposium Training
marker Employee Relations 5 days 5,175 USD Dubai Informa Middle East
Employee Relations and the Law 1 day 545 GBP London CIPD Training
Employee Relations, Trade Unions and the Law 1 day 495 GBP London JSB Group
marker Employee Rights & Employer Obligations 1 day 467 GBP Multiple (2) Payroll Alliance
Equality & Diversity Awareness 0.5 days 225 GBP Multiple (4) Theatre&
Family-friendly Rights and the Law 1 day 495 GBP London JSB Group
Global Mobility 1 day 545 GBP London CIPD Training
Grievance, Discipline and Dismissal 2 days 910 GBP Multiple (3) CIPD Training
marker Handling Pressure and Prioritising Emotions at Work 5 days 1,250 GBP Multiple (11) London Training for Excellence
How to Handle Disciplinary and Grievance Interviews 2 days 910 GBP London CIPD Training
HR for Non HR Managers 2 days 545 GBP Multiple (3) CIPD Training
Introducing and Understanding Pensions 1 day 545 GBP London CIPD Training
marker Introduction to Managing Ex Pats and In Pats Payroll 1 day 467 GBP Multiple (4) Payroll Alliance
Managing Conflict and Difficult Situations 1 day 545 GBP London CIPD Training
Managing Diversity - Good Practice and the Law 1 day London CIPD Training
Managing Equality & Diversity 2 days 795 GBP London DSM Training
Managing Poor Performance, Absence and Stress 1 day 545 GBP London CIPD Training
Maternity and Family Leave: rights and the law 1 day 545 GBP London CIPD Training
Measuring, Managing and Maintaining Employee Engagement 1 day 570 GBP London CIPD Training
Mediation in the Workplace 2 days 1,280 GBP London CIPD Training
Mentoring in the Workplace 1 day 510 GBP London CIPD Training
marker P11d Expenses and Benefits 1 day 440 GBP Multiple (6) Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals
Postgraduate Certificate in Talent and Career Management 12 months 4,840 GBP London CIPD Training
Recruitment Consultancy 1 day London CIPD Training
Recruitment, Selection and Resourcing Talent 3 days 1,490 GBP Multiple (2) CIPD Training
TUPE: Transfer of Undertakings 1 day 545 GBP Multiple (3) CIPD Training
Workforce Planning 2 days 1,280 GBP Multiple (2) CIPD Training
Company-Specific / In-House
Human Resources
Employee Relations
Dealing with Difficult People In House Training 1 day Nationwide Best Foot Forward Training
marker marker Employee Engagement 1 day Nationwide Illumine Training
marker marker Energy and Well-being 0.5 days Nationwide Illumine Training
Gender Diversity & Inclusivity Consultancy 1.5 days 1,800 GBP Nationwide Skills4Stem
Managing Diversity: In-House Training 1 day Nationwide Business Learning Foundation
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More about Employee Relations Training & Courses

Employee Relations - Improving the relationship between employees and employers

Employee relationships training and coursesWithin Human Resources departments, there is an area dedicated to building, developing and maintaining the employee relations. Previously known as Industrial Relations, this relationship refers to a way of working, involving engaging and motivating employees.

Employee relations, is a way of working in which employers can work closely with their employees to develop a working relationship. Once a structure has been put in place, building and improving employee relationships begins at an individual employee basis before moving throughout the whole company.

Employers responsibilities for Employee Relations

The way people feel about their work is strongly affected by HR practices, thus it is the responsibility of Human Resources departments to encourage good employee working relationships. Employers need to invest time to fully understand what is meant by employee relations, and how to strengthen employee relation skills and competencies. Establishing employee relation strategies in your workplace will enable you and your HR department to keep the focus on ensuring employee involvement, commitment and engagement practices are maximised and implemented in all departments.

Employee relations can be used as a strategic tool to manage both the downside risk of non-compliance with an expanded body of employment law, and the upside risk of failing to deliver maximum business performance. Many employers use employee relations strategies to Manage the Workplace Conflict in their organisation.

Training and Courses in Employee Relations 

Employee Relations training courses

Employee relations training and courses aim to show the ways in which employee involvement produces business benefits, and are particularly beneficial to HR staff and managers. Developing employee relations skills generally results in more effective teams, that have less time away from the workplace, are happier, more engaged and have an overall higher achievement of business goals and financial returns. Employee relations training and courses aim to provide managers with advanced communication skills, knowledge on the benefits and results of recognising and rewarding individual employee contribution and how to implement and operate employee relations skills across the organisation.

Training and courses help managers to become more understanding of employee relation skills and how to set up problem-solving groups with team members to improve team work and team building, and direct employee participation in decision-making.

Training and courses in Employee Relations Open / Public Employee Relations training courses
Training and courses in Employee Relations In House / Company Specific Employee Relations training
Training and courses in Employee Relations Distance Learning Employee Relations courses

Human Resources - HR - Training and Courses

Employee Relations training coursesAlthough once considered a largely administrative function, Human Resources, or HR, is the invaluable department responsible for the management of staff within an organisation. Within organisations today, HR departments have an important and strategic role for business success as they recognise the link between talented and engaged employees and results.

HR departments have the positioning within the organisation to effect staff performance - through implementing practices and policies to ensure employees have positive and motivating experiences of the company goals and values - which largely depends on the employee relations that are in place.

Human resources (HR) training and courses aim to provide knowledge and understanding on how to develop, advise on and implement policies relating to employment law, recruitment, talent learning and development and personnel management practices.

HR Employees also require training in areas relating to working practices, such as staff appraisals, pay and reward schemes, managing difficult people, conditions of employment and diversity in the workplace.

Another area of training for HR staff is the important area of Human Resource Management, in which training programmes are designed to develop employees responsible for others through maximizing the return on investment from the organisation's human capital and minimizing the financial risk. HR department must ensure that their HR employees are absolutely up-to-date on all employment legislation, to ensure they have a working understanding of the employment laws in their industry.

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