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Industry Leading Oil & Gas Training
HOT Engineering

Industry Leading Oil & Gas Training

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Develop your Business by Developing your People! HOT’s training programs are E&P industry-focused, state-of-the-art and cover technical disciplines and personal development subjects at basic, intermediate, advanced and specialised levels. 

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Transform your communication, transform your results
Emphasis Training Limited

Transform your communication, transform your results


Emphasis is an LPI-accredited learning provider with 20 years' experience transforming companies' and individuals' results by changing how they write through targeted training and individual analysis.

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Nationally Recognised Qualifications Online
Brighton School of Business and Management

Nationally Recognised Qualifications Online

All of BSBM's courses are delivered online and cover a wide range of management and business areas that cater to academic, professional and career development fields in key topics.

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World-class training for your L&D development

World-class training for your L&D development

From using Microsoft Excel for informed financial decisions to presentation skills for a winning sales pitch, SRL is here to help with all their leadership & development programmes and more.

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You'll be happy or we won't invoice you!
Training Works

You'll be happy or we won't invoice you!


We offer a range of leadership and management courses all with different content. We can help your leaders and managers develop the behaviour, skills and knowledge they need at work. 

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