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Business French Skills

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Considering learning French for either pleasure for business reasons? Make sure you can speak the basics of French before taking your next vacation to France, or before doing business with your French speaking business partners.

Browse the courses here to find French courses from beginner to advanced levels and then Request Information directly from the course provider.

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French Igcse Course
Distance Learning Centre
345 GBP
Parlez-vous Francais? Un petit peu? This lively and interactive French IGCSE home study course combines excellent materials, instructions and an...
French A Level Course
Distance Learning Centre
445 GBP
The French A Level Course continues from the content covered at GCSE Level and is aimed at promoting the acquisition of four...
French Online Course
Rosetta Stone
179 GBP
Download or CD-ROM-based versions: Level 1 course or Complete Course 12-month online course: The TOTALe package Learn French with Rosetta...
EF Executive - Immersive French language abroad
EF - Education First
Immersion is a proven method for developing language skills quickly. This immersive French language course has been designed specifically for...
French - Beginner to Advanced
Open Study College
233 GBP
Learn to speak French to an advanced level with this 12 CD course pack. Course Content This comprehensive self-study course...
Crash Course in Any Language
Berlitz UK - London
Multiple (7)
There is no better way to learn a new language than to simply start. Berlitz's Crash Course in language training...
Total Immersion Language Course
Berlitz UK - London
Multiple (7)
Complete immersion has long been known as an effective method of learning a new language. Berlitz Total Immersion Language Training...
Private Tuition Language Course
Berlitz UK - London
Multiple (7)
For individuals wishing to learn a new language, but can't find the time in their busy schedule, Berlitz's private tuition...
eBerlitz Distance Language Course
Berlitz UK - London
For individuals who would like to improve their language skills, but struggle to find the time, eBerlitz distance language training...
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Displaying 1-9 of 9 results
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More about Business French Skills

The benefits of learning French

Benefits of learning FrenchAs a beginner to the French language you can easily pick up the basics with a short course. An introduction French courses can be as short as a few weeks, while a more advanced French course will take a larger commitment of time and effort.

Around the world, French is spoken by around 90 million people as a first language, and is used significantly in over 50 countries. Taking a French course can help your business dealings – helping you deal with your offices in French speaking countries or when dealing with a French-speaking business partner, or simply doing business in French-speaking countries.

A course in French will not only help your understanding and skills in the language, but will also help your understanding of French culture – perfect for when travelling abroad with your family and friends to a French speaking country, be it an old French colony or for your next ski-trip in France or Switzerland.

Beginner French Courses
Intermediate French Courses
Advanced French Courses

Business French

To improve your business opportunities, learning a second language is a invaluable skill to have, giving you a better understanding of and a better link to your clients and their culture. France has a long tradition and the French language is tightly interwoven with the French culture, both at home and abroad.

Perhaps especially in France, doors of all sorts are traditionally opened by knowing the basics of French.

By using Business French more effectively, companies and individuals can more easily reach their organisational goals and improve their career performances.

An international firm can help their employees’ daily tasks in a French speaking country become more effective and productive. Individuals can easily improve their organisational standing and engage your audiences better by taking a Business French course. In short, a Business French course can take individual careers to the next level as you will improve your employability and ability to manager internationally.

Many of the course providers listed in this section have gained reputations teaching Business French to some of the world's leading corporate, public and international organisations.

Business French courses

French Culture

French Culture CoursesWith the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, France has much to offer both the holiday maker and the business traveller. A strong culture of literature, architecture, art, philosophy, fine wine, cheese and of course, fine dining. All this combined with a great climate that brings a sunny summer and a snowy winter.

No wonder there are so many Francophiles around the world. Take a course and bring yourself closer to all of this.

French Culture Courses

Know your own skill level and your own goals

Before taking a French course, consider your proficiency in French and your ability and confidence to use French in daily or business situations. The other essential consideration before deciding on an French course is to know your needs. Take into account the areas you wish to improve in and any specifics. For instance, perhaps you wish to improve your French listening comprehension, French pronunciation, or telephone skills. Alternatively, perhaps you need greater confidence to use your French effectively in business meetings, discussions or even negotiations.

Browse the different proficiency levels of French and talk to the course providers about your goals and if they can focus on your professional area, such as banking, finance, law, marketing, sales or travel.

Whatever your needs, you can be confident that the right content in your French course will soon have you meeting your objectives.

French course delivery methods

Course delivery methodsFrench courses come in a vast range of formats to suit you and your organisation.

After you have found a French course that meets your needs, ask the course provider for more information about their course teaching methods. For instance, trainers can come to your office or your home (in-house training), you can attend an open course or take an online/distance Business French course

Points to consider regarding your course are:

  • Will your French course only be taught in French?
  • Can your French course focus on your professional area?
  • Will the expected finishing level of French matches your requirements?
  • What qualifications does your course teacher have?
  • What experience does your teacher have in your professional area?
  • How will the French course be run?
  • What opportunities for organised social interaction for continued practice are provided?
  • Where will the course be held: in-company, in the student's home, at one of the course providers locations, or online?

Online French courses
In-house French training
Open / Public French courses

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