Sales Training Courses

Sales Training Courses

Sales courses develop your sales force, increasing their sales abilities on the telephone, managing key accounts, leading sales teams and even improving their customer service skills. Make your business more profitable and enhance your client relationships.

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What’s involved in the sales role?

To be a top seller, with excellent results, you need to meet one of these three alternatives: satisfy customers’ needs, solve customers’ problems or create a new need. The great thing is that you can learn selling skills!

All organisations depend on sales of some sort, whether they are commercial or not for profit. The sales team therefore has a very important position in the company. At many companies, there can be a lack of coordination between the sales and marketing departments, which in turn necessitates sellers who understand both sales and marketing.

Much goes into the sales process, including procurement skills, negotiation techniques and imports and exports. As a sales manager, you will need leadership skills, motivation skills and coaching skills in order to lead your team to success. The sales courses collected here can help you and your sales team develop in their sales and sales management careers.

A good salesman is good at making contact, establishing relationships, building trust, analysing customers’ needs and knowing how to seal a deal. The star seller can deal with customer complaints and can take advantage of any objections in the sales process. Attend a sales training course and become a star seller.

Sales training course delivery methods

Sales training courses come in a vast range of formats to suit you and your organisation.

After you have found a course that meets your needs, ask the course provider for more information about their course teaching methods. For instance, sales coaches and trainers can come to your office (in-house training), you can attend an open course with delegates from other companies or you can take an online/distance course.

Points to consider regarding your sales course are:

  • Where will the sales training course be held? In-company, in the student's home, at one of the course providers’ locations, or online?
  • How will the course be run?
  • Can the course accommodate your specific industry?
  • Will the expected finishing level of the course match your requirements?
  • What qualifications does your course teacher have?
  • What experience does your teacher have in your professional area?
  • What opportunities for organised social interaction for continued learning are provided?

Customer Service Courses

Customer service relates to the service provided to the customer before, during and after a purchase, with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction. Customer service and the delivery of customer service vital to ensuring customers become repeat business and that existing customers do not defect.

Organisations must ensure they have clearly understood customer service policies, which are supported by the different management levels. The organisation’s customer service policy should aim to give well set customer expectation levels and ensure that those expectations are successfully met by the entire company.

Customer service training is vital for all levels of organisation, from customer facing staff through to management in order to set the right customer service direction for the organisation.

Key Account Management Courses

When working in an account management role, it is vital to employ practical approaches to your planning, analysis and methods in order to stimulate closer relationships with your strategic accounts.

Open courses and in-house training in key account management will help you and your sales teams to better understand the role, how to best strategically plan for specific customers and educate you in the current best practices in sales and account management.

Telesales Training Courses

Telesales training courses will teach you and your sales team how to better use a telephone as a sales tool.

Via the telephone, telemarketers must quickly create a trustworthy and professional image, then also understand the customers’ needs and communicate this understanding. Successful telemarketers will spark a customer’s interest, respond quickly to complaints, use query techniques and close their sales.

It is vital that telesales vendors realise how important every phone call is, requiring a desire to sell, work discipline and the ability to set the right goals for your telesales success.

As a telemarketer you will be able to show respect for the customer by showing an interest in what the customer thinks is important. By training in telephone sales, you will become more self-confident, learn how to reach closure and strive to build lasting customer relationships.

Training for the sales managers / sales coaches

Sales managers are responsible for the sales planning, organisation of the sales team, sales forecast and the sales budget.

Sales managers need to understand how they can motivate their employees and how sales performance is linked to employee motivation. The Sales Coach courses here can help you create that winning sales team!

The sales manager builds, manages, coaches and strengthens their sales team towards high performances. A sales coach's main tasks are to supervise sales teams in goal-setting, to assess vendor performance, and provide constructive feedback. The sales manager must have knowledge of management and economics and know how to set goals and follow-up results.

Know your own skill level and your own goals

Before taking a sales course, consider your own proficiency and your ability and confidence to manage these functions in daily or business situations. The other essential consideration before deciding on training is to know your needs.

Take into account the areas you wish to improve in and note down any specific requirements you have in your role. Browse the different course proficiency levels and talk to the course providers about your own sales goals and if they can focus on your professional area.

Whatever your needs, you can be confident that the right content in your training or course will soon have you meeting your objectives.

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