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H. Roberts
My boss recommended me to Able Skills and they placed me on this Level 3 course. I thought that this course was excellent. It was set out very well and allowed for individuals with no knowledge to learn and people who had knowledge could recap. I am very thankful for the help the tutors provided in allowing me to pass my courses.
T. Dales
I have really enjoyed my time training at Able Skills. The teachers are very knowledgeable with on-site experience which is valuable to us as they helped gives us real advice for the future. The workshops are always clean and every piece of material and tool was available to us when it was needed.
M. Greene
Satnam was a superb assessor, he was clear and concise. He showed me some good tricks that I will be applying when I begin to work in the industry. The reviews were great so that was a big factor in me picking Able Skills.
A. Duncan
My instructor Steve was very knowledgeable and also very funny and he was relaxed in his approach to teaching. He prepared us for the exam very well and I am very grateful for his hard work and the quality of training.
B. Connolley
Steve is a brilliant teacher and was very helpful. I’m not one for asking questions to teachers but every time I did he answered superbly and he explained the regs so clearly that even a child would understand.
C. Dyckhoff
The 17th Edition course was delivered in a way that you could understand easily and gain the knowledge you needed. I had the cofidence going into the test thanks to Satnam who prepared us very well.
S. Bailey
This was perfect for me as it was a local course so I didn’t have to travel to far. It was a very well run course and the teacher, Satnam, was very professional throughout and overall he was really good at teaching. Overall it was an excellent course.
J. Chester
I didn’t consider any other training centre once I found Able Skills. Max was very hands on and friendly. He always made sure you understood all aspects of what he was tutoring so no one was left behind. He didn’t mind repeating himself and giving extra help if you needed it. Thanks to Able Skills and Max!
S. Cloud
This was the last part of my JIB course package and it has been a long road but everyone at Able Skills has made it a good journey and I would highly recommend them. Overall, good value for money and an excellent training centre!
H. Guscott
I found Able Skills in an advert in Plumbase and I decided to go Able Skills there and then. The whole course ran very smoothly for the whole 3 weeks and the tutor made it much easier to understand the more difficult topics.
J. Lambert
Thanks to Ian for being very helpful and recommending me to an employer. Would recommend Able Skills and Ian to anyone. What a great course!
S. Charlick
This was a very good 17th Edition course and Satnam was a very knowledgeable tutor and explained everything excellently.
B. Lancaster
I can only praise Able Skills 17th Edition course, it was excellent. Satnam is a very pleasant tutor. He was very professional throughout.
I. Spurgeon
The tutor worked us really hard throughout the course but it only helped us and he presented the whole course very well. Many Thanks to Satnam.
R. Staples
I was recommended to Able Skills by a friend whole completed a Plastering course and the reviews were also very good. It was local and a very good course.
D. Clarke
Sat was a patient and great tutor. He was really clear and helped us get prepared for our exam.
At the end of completing my NVQ course I was very happy with the treatment I had from booking the course to paying each week and the teaching was first class and was very happy with the course and qualfication I now have. Thank you Able Skills!!
S. Bouamra
Able Skills is the best around and very well recommended and a very big well done to my instructor.
K. Irving
I was advised by my friends to come to Able Skills and I learnt something new and taught by a great instructor.
R. Melville
Rich was a fantastic teacher and he went into loads of detail and always went the extra mile for us, so I reallt leanred a lot.
L. Jessen
I found Able Skills a few years ago and due to experience on other courses I thought this was the best place for me to complete my level 3 plumbing. Jim had a really good way of teaching and you get there to gain the qualification.
E. Saxby
The mixture of full time and home study options were a big factor when chosing Able Skills and I want to say a big thank you to Jim for an all round good course and I feel I have learnt so much in my time here.
J. Bull
The online reviews were a big factor in me choosing Able Skills to complete my level 3 course and the course was great. All subjects were covered in great detail and the practical assignments were really well demonstrated so it was made easy to understand.
M. Terry
I chose Able Skills after visiting the centre and was very pleased with the workshops and friendliness of those showing me around. Although the work load was very intense but the structure and teaching material and manner in which it was taught made it very enjoyable and memorable. I would like to thank Jim for his, guidence, dedication and hum...
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J. Woodburn
Our teacher mad the course very interesting and I have learned so much in just a week and I feel I have covered more than enough. Del is a top man!
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