Course participant reviews for Balance Global

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Based on 122 reviews.

Jon M
Good course clear notes and presentation. More test questions after each module would be good. More colour and pictures in notes would be good.
Lisa H
Craig W
Learning package was nicely structured with ample opportunity to break up the learning into manageable phases. Only criticisms would be some minor typographical errors and a lacking of consistency in using words in which either an s or z could be utilised. Overall, very pleased with the training package.
James R
I think anyone could read the book and pass the test, however the course is a better medium for learning for some. The book is one of the best IT books I've read in a while and is a must if you plan on working in an ITIL environment.
Alex S
Very easy and easy purchase. Most importantly excellent price tag. Website is very informative. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to completing my course with flying colours.
James R
Well structured, good pace, focused on exam syllabus and also covers relevant information not examined so adding good value overall. If you can’t pass using this course I would be surprised. I liked the ability to repeat topics to re enforce learning and ability to go back and re sit tests. In summary, very cost effective and a very good option ...
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Danny A
Did the job, I passed and quickly. There are a couple of minor hiccups in it.
Stanislas H
Good elearning, well structured, and good learning tips.
Peter H
Quite a demanding course. Ensure you give yourself enough revision time and exam practice…
Gary L
Elaine W
Change management foundation was a great and very interesting course. Exercises really helped although exam was a little harder than expected requiring a bit more analysis. Happy I passedl
Maimuna O
An amazing course that allows you to learn at your own pace and take responsibility for your own learning. It helps develop my skills and guides me with the projects that I am doing at work.
Julia M
Online proctoring easy to book and relatively straightforward. I felt the exam questions were a bit harder than the those in the online course and there were one or two areas - one of which was empathy mapping which I don't think had been covered.
Elaine W
Very informative and seems to reflect the requirements of exams very well
Alex B
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