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Whether it be for personal fulfillment or professional advancement, the ability to speak multiple languages is increasingly a must. With an innovative and effective approach to language learning, Berlitz offers flexible and customisable language courses which are guaranteed to produce results.

In 1877, the Berlitz method was founded by Maximilian D. Berlitz himself. Based on an anthology of research and experience, Berlitz established a cutting-edge language teaching style which mimics the circumstances of moving to a new country in which a foreign language is spoken. With the rejection of traditional classroom learning, which has been labeled as arduous and boring, the Berlitz method places an emphasis on conversational instruction. This conversational approach, in combination with total immersion, helps delegates to establish a natural fluency in their language in an enjoyable and efficient way. Today, Berlitz language training is available to individuals, groups and organisations throughout the UK and worldwide. 

Corporate Language Training

As language is a critical aspect of international business practices, Berlitz offers and integrated method of language training for organisations and corporations.Whether it be in any of Berlitz’s language training centres or online in the Berlitz virtual classroom, Berlitz can provide a language instruction that is effective, transparent and cohesive with business goals.

Tailored Courses for the Oil & Gas, Railway and Aviation Industries

As a leader in the provision of corporate language courses, Berlitz courses can be tailored to the language of each industry.By fitting language courses to the vocabulary of the business, organisations receive training that is both effective and efficient. Courses have been tailored to industries ranging from Railway, Aviation to Oil & Gas.

The Berlitz Method

As a game changer in language learning and teaching methodologies, the Berlitz method emphasizes students’ needs, balance and full and immediate immersion. As such, each course begin with a comprehensive assessment of each student’s needs in which delegates work with instructors to identify their goals, circumstances and target skills. With such insight, programmes are optimised to fit each individual’s learning requirements. Actual language instruction according to the Berlitz method is based on active participation and developing intuitive expression. On premise, students will engage in primarily one-on-one sessions with instructors who are native speakers in the language of choice, enabling them to receive the appropriate amount of guidance.

Active Participation

In order to achieve a level of fluency and intuitive expression, it is essential that students are given the opportunity to express themselves freely and frequently. Thus, all Berlitz training courses enforce full and immediate immersion, meaning, delegates begin to speak, listen and think in their language of choice right from the beginning. By eliminating bilingual instruction, delegates are able to pick up language with greater ease and efficiency. This aspect has proven to be highly effective in enabling delegates to communicate in a new language quickly and without hesitation.

Free and Intuitive Expression

Without the freedom to practice a new language candidly, delegates’ learning can be hampered significantly. Berlitz practices grammar instruction in a conversational format in which delegates learn grammatical rules by speaking and receiving tips for improvement. This balance between fluency and accuracy prioritises functional language abilities over traditional grammar exercises, which yield slow and inefficient results.

Appropriate Learning

When teaching methods do not suit the individual, one cannot expect to reap significant results. The Berlitz method incorporates a variety of strategies and practical orientation aids which can be applied to different learning styles and preferences. All languages courses are also tailored to the appropriate proficiency levels and learning paces of each delegate, ensuring that no student is overwhelmed of under-challenged.

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I cannot make any suggestions for improvement. The tutors and the whole school environment were excellent... Christine J: GERMAN student
I always found languages difficult at school and I can honestly say I learnt more in my five days of lessons at Berlitz than I did in the five years I studied at school. Chris C: FRENCH student
Executive Assistant
Just a quick email of thanks to say that all of us who attended the Berlitz French course last week felt the course was outstanding. Admitedly, we came away feeling like our brains may explode with the amount of info we were trying to retain, but hey, that's crammer courses for you! Nicola H, Executive Assistant to CEO - large international i...
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