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Fabiana Martinez Silva
My experience of this course was outstanding. What for an amazing opportunity!! I attended the online course conducted via zoom in July 2021. The contents were covered with so many relevant topics and certainly will help me in in my career, being a “Strategic Business Partner“ for my Executives. I appreciated the class atmosphere because I h...
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Nancy Robinson
The ACEA Certification for the Modern Executive Assistant is filled with motivational and practical information which helps admin professionals work smart & expand the ways they can participate in the work of any organization. The staff for this course are also highly personable and engaging so it’s always a pleasure to be in class.
Colette Martin
Being able to take this course in an online virtual environment didn't disrupt the content. The course was really interesting, useful and covered so many relevant topics. The trainers, Jeff & Richard, were helpful and really got us engaged and working together in break out rooms and altogether as one group. Would have been nice to meet my fell...
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What for an amazing experience I had attending the ACEA Training!! Very structured and organized training, Jeff Lockhart and Richard Arnott are fantastic trainers and they gave us all the needed attention. The content is very engaging and covered with so many relevant topics that a Modern Executive must have in her/his career to assist an Exec...
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Marianne Piccirillo
Hi, I had a very pleasant experience and would recommend to others. The Directors really know their stuff and all the classes are very well planned and organized. I appreciated the small-class atmosphere that allows for camaraderie - all working together towards the same goal. Thank you!
Franziska Lielje
I really loved attending this course. I enjoyed the online sessions a lot, Jeff and Richard did an amazing job mentoring us throughout the whole thing and there are many takeaways which I'm already working on implementing at my company. Would definitely recommend to all EA's out there - especially since it is a certified course. Loved it!
Sabine Jagminas
I can highly recommend the ACEA course to any Assistants who want to improve their skills. I participated in the online course conducted via zoom in June 2021. Our trainers, Jeff Lockhard and Richard Arnott are very supportive and knowledgeable, and the combination of teaching, breakout sessions with the other participants and homework worked ve...
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Cibele Nascimento
In June 2021 I had the opportunity to attend ACEA and it was worth every penny - without a shadow of a doubt! A robust content, explained in a simply and funny way by the instructors. The classes are full of creativity and the exercises allow us to put into practice our critical thinking and analyze our performance as EA. Am I doing my best;...
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Karen Marfia
Thank you for setting up a special session for Sandia National Laboratories - it was great to take the class with my colleagues. The material and presentations were spot on for our success as EAs at our Lab.
Daniela Pasqualetti
An excellent training course for experienced administrative professionals and a great opportunity to meet other peers from different industry backgrounds. This course has given me further insight into what it means to be a modern EA and helped me understand where I wish to progress next on my career path.
Rhonda Simmons-Doyle
My ACEA experience was intense, impactful, very informative, highly professional and enjoyable. I enjoyed particularly how the interactions encouraged me to "think outside the box", to think beyond my current professional position. I interacted with a dynamic group of women with whom a bond is formed arising from this course. Jeff and Richard ...
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Karen Park
I would definitely recommend this course to all EAs or PAs wanting to broaden their knowledge in the world of business also a great opportunity to network with like minded professionals. The course is not for the faint hearted, there is a lot of work involved not only during the day sessions, but homework assignments, final presentation and...
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Renata Fontes
This is not only about a certification. It's an amazing journey about us and our position and change our behaviour and position as the Modern Executive Assistant, Great trainers always in touch. Jeff and Richard were encouraging and able to show us how to reinforce what we were learning with lesson exercises. I definitely I'm happy about my...
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from start to finish this was truly an enjoyable course i'd recommend to everyone on the fence! Jeff held us down daily by spicing things up to keep us engaged, Richard was so kind and supportive yet still a strict grader (tough love!), Christian always had words of encouragement when he appeared from behind the scenes, and Marie-Louise was ...
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Hamda Al Ketbi
very constructed training, i liked the home works :) it seems hard at the beginning but we can see the beneficial later on, very organized, and the trainers were capable and welling to assist. Thank you
Randa Fakhoury
Basically the best Course out there, look no FURTHER. the content is very informative, and on point. You are offered what you exactly need for your daily work and what WILL help you excel. This course helps the Modern day EA to upscale her/his skills to become a strategic partner to her/his exec. This course has elevated my thinking and m...
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Amber Tello
The training exceeded my expectations and I learned invaluable information I plan to continue to use. The content was clear and the Jeff was a great and very knowledgeable instructor! Definitely recommend!
Amanda Espinoza
The instructors were great. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was a great opportunity to learn more about different aspects of being and Administrative Assistant. Being virtual was not an obstacle at all.
Angela C.
The information provided was both interesting and somewhat challenging. It was presented in such a manner that made perfect sense within the role of the EA. Exercises were pertinent, and I believe I took away some very useful information that will assist me as I move forward.
Chandra Almaraz
I loved the content and the instructor was fully engaged, personable, and knowledgeable
Mary Rogers
Joy Z
This is not your average training. It is superior on a different level of understanding of what the Modern Executive Assistant needs to do. The course was demanding and detailed, but trainers were great. Jeff and John were encouraging and able to show us how to reinforce what we were learning with lesson exercises. I definitely grew my knowl...
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Letitia Jacobs
The course covered a multitude of topics and was very insightful. A course that every person aspiring to become an assistant should complete early in their career to assist them to see 'the bigger picture'. For some assistants who have been in the profession for some time, this course will assist to 'sharpen their pencil' to refresh and revi...
Richard Arnott Comment:
Hi Letitia

Your comments are very much appreciated.

We have considered your suggestions and will take those on board.

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Natalie Haynes
Jeff is a fantastic trainer - the best. He is engaging; very knowledgeable and made attending this online course very enjoyable. I highly recommend.
Eva Giannini
It was my first real online training and I enjoyed it very much! In case of technical questions, help was always quickly at hand, the class conducted by fantastic Jeff Lockhart very well structured and always attached to "office reality" and the group - even though only meeting with thousands of miles of distance - built a very good dynamic and ...
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