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Isabella Oduro
It was indeed amazing to learn from you. Your patience to guide us through the sessions was mind blowing. The instrument and tools available to us for our day to day work will really go a long way to help. You are the best
Paula Dyson
A fantastic opportunity to explore a wide range of business topics that the modern day executive assistant faces today. The course was brilliantly delivered by Jeff & Richard, with participants from around the world. It was fantastic to connect with like minded people from different companies, which provided such a unique perspective. Thank you!
Charlene McMullin
I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot that I can use in present and future positions. The way the course was laid out gave me the eye to see my position, responsibilities from a different view and perspective and a better understanding of how important the EA's are to every Corporation and organization. Richard and Jeff were amazing and...
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Francisca Amoakah
This program has helped a lot. At first I learn without knowing how to apply them. Jeff and Rich; you have done really well. Rich, you were on our tow to the assignments and quizzes. you corrected where necessary and also encouraged us to do more. I will be glad to meet more of these trainers. Thanks so much for this opportunity
Nicole M
I've had the opportunity to undertake the ACEA course and from my experience, this course is very intensive and covers all faculties the Modern Day Executive Assistant requires to significantly exceed in their organisation. Gone are the days when EAs were seen as just bringing coffee to their executives, taking minutes and booking meeting and s...
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Ese Olufemi
great course, the content structure is quite deliberate and insightful
This is an investment in your time and financially but so worth it. You will not be disappointed. You will be challenged and stretched towards reaching a new level in your career, and it feels great when you do. You can do this and will do this. The facilitators are excellent, and you will have all of the support needed to succeed. There is no f...
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Jeff and Richard were fantastic instructors for ACEA America Online January 2021. They were able to cover so much information, along with facilitating discussions and assignments virtually.
Marco M.
ACEA has been an amazing training! It is what helps you to take the next step in your career, being a Strategic Business Partner for your Executives. Both Jeff and Richard are amazing trainers, they add their insights, experience and knowledge to each topic we discussed. It is also an opportunity to meet amazing EA/PA colleagues from many countr...
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Heather Buchan
I have been working from home since March of 2020 and have taken several virtual courses. This by far has been the best one yet. This course touches on so many different areas of the modern-day executive assistant field and as well as the uncomfortable area of public speaking. I enjoyed collaborating with an amazing group of EA's as well as o...
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Shirlee Davies
This course was really interesting, inspiring and thought provoking. Would highly recommend.
Jo Hughes
I very much enjoyed the variety of subjects covered in the ACEA course. It has encouraged me to look at the bigger picture within my organisation and the ways in which I can influence positive outcomes and become a strategic partner to my Executive.
What an excellent stock-take! Everything was either a refreshing reminder of important basics (and not so basics) or the sharing of practical, no-nonsense set of tools & practices to work, think more efficiently and in a modern way. It's also infused with a positive & agile outlook which gave me a renewed sense of purpose and energy. Thank you!
Agnieszka Zwiersz
I greatly enjoyed the recent ACEA course which was conducted via zoom. The content of the course was interesting and varied, the trainers were very knowledgeable and supportive and included some real life examples, which made it memorable and interesting. I also learned a lot of from other participants during our team work activities. I can reco...
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Dorthe Krebs
I would have preferred the course to be a bit shorter, it was difficult to be away for 5 days when also handling work in the evenings. Some of the group work was fine - however there were too many sessions during the day. I would have preferred to have group discussions instead. I think it would have worked fine since we were a small group. I li...
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Winnie Kilhof Nielsen
A good course with relevant topics. An inspirational trainer who put the context into real life with small anecdotes. A good mixture of presentations and group work.
A Hoff
Very interesting & useful course on all the different aspects of a modern, international company. Conducted in a professional and friendly atmosphere.
Great course, relevant subjects and inspiring teacher.
Ying Wu
It’s one of the most comprehensive course I have attended in recent years. It coverde all relevant subjects and areas for a EA/PA, intensive however interesting. The instructor was very pleasant, structured and professional. I particularly enjoyed the case studies / group exercises that sparkled many great discussions among the peers. It is a to...
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Our team have recently taken ACEA course in Copenhagen, and I am very pleased with the content, structure and presentation of the course. It's a great combination of soft- and hard-wiring, providing participants with the vital for modern corporate professionals people skills, as well as an understanding of how a modern corporation works. You get...
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Ying Wu
One of the most comprehensive course I have attended in recent years with all relevant subjects and topics you could think of for a EA/PA, although intensive but very interesting. The trainer was very pleasant, structured and professional. I particularly enjoyed the team exercises/case studies which sparkled many great and inspiring discussions ...
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Lise Stampe
Touches on a wide range of really relevant topics and creates awareness of where and how to improve as both an individual and an EA
Sarah Stottrup
Outstanding course - skilfully taking us assistants on an exiting and interesting journey to become Business Partners. All the business terms that I prior to the course didn't fully comprehend, is now clear to me, and that enables me to better support the business.
Helle Galsoe
The entire training was very interesting and valuable. All topics were highly relevant for EAs and tools/models easily applicable in daily tasks. The trainer, Richard, kept a high level of good energy throughout the entire week and gave good explanations and examples also relevant for the delegates' specific businesses. Would strongly recommend ...
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Diana is great! I would love to receive more training offers with her! Thank you very much for everything!
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