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Comms Analyst, Eni
Interactive and interesting content. Practical and instantly applicable. Relevant and tailored to us.
Founder, Integrity Coaching
Very informative and enjoyable. I learnt a lot today. It was refreshing to have an outsider review our material. Proved to be a wake up call to how I communicate with clients.
I found the writing course very enjoyable, clearly presented with lots of direct points that are easy to remember and extremely helpful.
A great course that has really enhanced every aspect of my writing. With encouragement and constructive feedback from the trainer, it was easy to make changes and come up with new ways of writing for the target audience.
Head of creative/creative department, Corporate Rewards
Excellent. Immeasurably valuable when it comes to pitching to clients.
First class course. I’m already doing a bit of social media, but I still picked up many helpful and useful tips on this low-cost course, which I would highly recommend to anyone on the brink of improving or establishing a new digital presence. Thank you!
Recommended, the tailored feedback takes into account whichever publication you currently write for and responses are fast and useful.
I found this course to be very useful. Margaret helped to highlight many valuable things to think about when writing. Good feedback.
I really enjoyed the course, I found it easy to follow and the feedback element was really useful. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning or polishing up their proofreading skills.
Very informative and the motion graphics are really effective.
I really enjoyed the course. I found it easy to follow and the feedback element was really useful. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning or polishing up their subbing skills.
Digital Media Planner, Universal Music
Very positive. Really made me think a lot more about the way we're using copy currently and how we could improve this. Will really make me think more carefully moving forward.
A great way to refresh all the things I learnt at school. I particularly enjoyed the teaching style which allowed me to make notes, without feeling rushed.
Excellent course and well spoken with good examples. It would have been nice to watch the whole presentation as one instead of having to click through each slide but other than that Excellent!
Communication Brand Coordinator, Henry Boot plc
Impressed. Far more detailed in other areas than I was expecting. Truly feel I have gained a lot from today. Refreshing trainer. Loved his honesty and analysis on previous work. Really engaging and helpful.
I found the course very informative especially regarding thinking about how people read content on a screen. Some of it I was loosely aware of already but there were still some surprising facts – including that as much as 50% of people do not scroll down the opening screen and using bold and repeating words so that they rank high in search engin...
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I found this course very helpful. I certainly learnt some things about how I was proofreading and some new tricks for the future. It took right amount of time too. Many thanks. (Would it be funny if I put loads of howling errors in this post? No? Oh.)
As someone who’s worked in digital media for a few years already, I took this course to learn any terminologies or concepts that had passed me by.It did a good job of clarifying such things, and though I found some of it self-evident, starters in digital media will not – and they’ll be the ones who find everything here that they need to know to ...
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Very good course. Gave a good introduction to Search Engine Optimisation and gave me clear direction for an action plan as to what to do moving forward with regards to the website. Clear, confident and reliable.
Brand Manager, Law Business Research
Very good. Can use in practice. Liked that we could improve a piece of copy on the day.
This course is excellent at guiding you around various reports and how to make the most of them. It’s brilliant for complete beginners like myself. Highly recommended.
I enjoyed the course, and its user-friendly nature – being able to do it as and when I was able to was really useful. Most of the content was familiar to me, but it was an effective recap and I’d definitely recommend it to people as a good and flexible way to get a grounding in the principles of PR writing.
The course was very helpful particularly the quizzes at the end to review your learning. Also great that you are still able to access the course after completion; very handy if you want to check something at a later date.
I have been a writer/editor/proofreader for 17 years and, on occasion, take refresher courses to keep my skills sharp. The proofreading class offered by ContentECTC was very informative, contained challenging exercises, and touched on aspects of proofreading that many e-learning classes omit, such as how to best prepare to proofread and determin...
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A good introduction to the topic. Not knowing anything about this area I found it to be very clear and informative.
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