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The course content was interesting, could be applied in business environment but also in general life. I like the wrong box / right box! The presentation was very dynamic and directive. Knowledgeable. Good use of examples which helps. Delegate: S Chou Company: JSPMLtd
The course content was very detailed and interesting. The trainer’s presentation was good, with time for re-caps and questions. Delegate: R Graham Company: RAF Wittering
The course content was comprehensive, eye-opening and informative. Excellent presentation, kept interest up and made the course come to life. Good real-world examples to inspire and inform. Delegate: J Gibson Company: Fuji Film
Excellent course that helped to bring new insight and reinforce and bring back concepts from many years ago. The trainer’s presentation was upbeat, positive and inspiring. Delegate: M Judson Company: JSP Ltd
The course content: Interesting and very broad content. We covered a lot of subject matter during the course. The trainer’s presentation was excellent, very clear and concise. Interesting and charismatic. Delegate: E Inegbu Company: Prudential UK
I really enjoyed the breadth of what was covered today. The trainer’s presentation was very good and clear. Delegate: S Windridge Company: Prudential UK
The course content was great, really visual. The trainer’s presentation had lots of great detail and stories to illustrate each point. Delegate: M Painter Company: Lloyds Banking Group
The course content was informative and well-constructed. The trainer presented very clearly and effectively. The presentation was very enjoyable. Delegate: N Yemm Company: Hulley & Kirkwood Consulting Engineers
The course content was very good, quick win early on kept my interest piqued. The presentation was very good, inspiring and animated. Delegate: K Rhodes Company: RAF Wittering
The course was very very good. The course was well structured and has provided me with an opportunity to reflect on how I can improve further in my role. The trainer’s was very focused, kept the course moving, related well to the group. Created non-threatening environment. Delegate: M Ridout Company: Sparsholt College Hampshire
The course was very informative, with lots of thought provoking questions to think on after. The trainer’s presentation was well produced and slick NO excess content. Delegate: B Pain-Tolin Company: BTCV
The course was excellent. Interesting, thought provoking, very useable. I have already put different aspects of the course into practice. The trainer’s presentation was Excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed each session and would like to come back for a refresher course. Very motivating and a very inspiring person. Delegate: K Hogarty-Hingsto ...
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The course content was very good, informative and positive. No “Dull Moments”. The trainer’s presentation was good – Well presented. Delegate: S Bent Company: B+V Water Treatment
The course content was excellent, thought provoking and inspiring. The presentation was clear, concise, professional and relative. Delegate: J Walker Company: Telus
Primecare UK
The course content was very useful, exactly what I was looking for. Encouraged thought and methods to take back to the work place. The trainers presentation was very clear, Chris not only delivers the training but stands behind his methods and believes in the content. Delegate: T Stuchfiled Company: Primecare UK
J Dickinson
The course I found very interesting, using models that I was not familiar with, different thought processes. The presentation was very professional, informative and interesting. Delegate: J Dickinson Company: Riomay
W Graham
The course content was very comprehensive and covered relevant points. The trainer’s presentation was interactive, informative and challenging. Delegate: W Graham Company: Ikea
C Jolly
The course content was stimulating. The trainer’s presentation was very effective. Chris delivered difficult concepts with insight and humour. Delegate: C Jolly Company: Greencore
E. Inegbu, British multinational life insurance and financial services company
The course content was interesting and very broad. We covered a lot of subject matter during the course. The trainer's presentation was excellent, very clear and concise. Interesting and charismatic.
This course gave me exactly what I wanted. The content was very practical and helpful The action plan that we developed during the day was the most important thing, because now I know exactly what I need to focus on. Thank you!
This goal setting course was invaluable to me because I never realised how important “goal focus” was. In our organisation they keep “moving the goal posts” and nobody knows what is expected. The course shows how to create goals, draw up written plans and then communicate the goal with a positive attitude. Thank you!
Leanne Gover
The course was useful and practical. Examples used showed how theory would be applied in different situations at work. The presentation was very well delivered in bite size, easy to understate chunks with examples to back up. Delivered with enthusiasm and belief. Leanne Gover – Premier Training International
Steve Lucking
The content was excellent! I will take many if not all techniques and put into practice, the course was easy to follow without the need for constant clarification. The presentation was well timed & presented, good pace; course workbook will be a helpful tool for the future. Steve Lucking – Malvern Hills District Council
Karen Gait
The course was highly informative – incredibly useful, quite intensive but not ‘dry’ as it’s so relevant to every day experiences it’s easy to see how relevant it will be. Chris is ace! I loved all the real life examples and the injection of humour lightens some quite heavy material. Really kept me ‘in focus’ and I actually enjoyed the course...
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Outstanding course. I have been on a number of management courses but this is by far the best. It has give me real way to deal with conflict and getting the best from my team. Many thanks
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