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J. Robinson, Garage equipment engineering company
This was a excellent course and very informative. Will use problem/cause/solution map and decision matrix, as well as taking home with me a more positive mental attitude towards any task. The trainer's presentation was excellent; really friendly and approachable. The course content was covered really well.
C. Burns, Bus and coach company
This training course was very interesting, the content made me think about being more positive in my working and family life. I think the theories and examples used will be very beneficial to me going forward. Chris, the trainer, was an exceptional trainer with great life experience examples to illustrate his training. He was very engaging as a...
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S Summerfield, English Heritage
Excellent training course with practical tools and models to apply and use immediately when back in the business. The training was very good; interesting, engaging, entertaining.
L. Byrne, Domestic abuse charity
I found this conflict course really useful, particularly highlighting the importance of using objective language when in conflict situations and the model 'six steps' for managing complaints as this is something that presents as a manager. I also found the 'wrong box, right box' method useful, removing the emotion. The presentation was really we...
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C. Davies, Scouting retailer
The course was very considered and raised points that will be very useful in future negotiations. There were elements that had not occurred to me which was what I was hoping for from today. The trainer was great. He was clear in his presentation and was also a good listener. The flow was good and the day went very quickly.
S. Summerfield, Charitable trust
Excellent training course with practical tools and models to apply and use immediately when back in the business. The training was very good – interesting, engaging, entertaining.
R. Fryer, Major London museum
Having a framework really boosts confidence in this area, especially if you are new to leadership. I found the conflict management section especially beneficial. The trainer was brilliant, friendly and engaging, with boundless enthusiasm. You know, from his presentation, that he knows what he is talking about.
V. Guglea, Multinational business process outsourcing company
All the material was presented very well. I particularly enjoyed the decision matrix chart and the interaction between ourselves. The best material and presenter I have ever known.
D Masterman, Thrive Architects
The course was extremely beneficial, especially with reference to creating a positive mindset in myself and others. The trainer's presentation was excellent. Would highly recommend.
R Turner, Thrive Architects
The course has been a true eye-opener, especially how ones own experiences and actions can influence others within the work place, but also in everyday life experiences. A very well presented and factual presentation. The trainer had great interaction and engagement with the delegates. Excellent. Thank you!
S. Williams, Nursing home company
I found this course to be excellent and so beneficial to my job. The trainer was very knowledgeable and engaging. This was one of the best courses I have ever attended!
K. Kurilla, Medical practitioner organisation
I found all the course content very useful, even the topics I didn't think I needed training on. The most beneficial topics were decision making, managing emotions, conflicts and communication. The trainer was very engaging, using a lot of great examples. There was not a boring moment in the two days I attended. He made sure that we left knowing...
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M. Willmott, Lighting manufacturer
A very informative course. Covered many areas of use, with plenty of content. Assisted me in realigning my business approach. The trainer was very engaging, delivered the course clearly in a timely manner. I would highly recommend attending the course, if you would like to understand how to be more effective and productive in your working day.
L. Hanley, Nursing home company
I found this course beneficial to know how to successfully conduct an investigation into issues. The tools will enable me to find the correct, factual information. The trainer's presentation was very good, light-hearted and easy to understand. He gave a good insight and tools to assist in investigating.
J. Clarke, Shipping company
The course content was excellent and will be very useful with our current merger. The trainer presentation was very good. Great use of the modules, with NO powerpoint. Plenty of grounding and examples.
J. Davies, Public research, development and manufacturing company
The course content with excellent, covering and explaining assertiveness in great depth, with well chosen practical examples. I learned a lot of techniques that can be put to use on a daily basis. The trainer's presentation was well structured. Clear instruction was given with good use of workbook and projected material. The trainer was very ame...
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D. Howard, RAF Wittering
Course content was extremely interesting and very useful, particularly the morning session. The trainer's presentation was very good. Clearly knows the subjects inside out and kept the classes attention throughout.
Training course content: lots of material covered but very practical tools. All the topics are very neatly linked together making it very relevant. Trainer's presentation: Very dynamic, lots of practical examples Carlos Agudelo, FrieslandCampina
Very informative course. This course has shown me different ways to deal with conflict situations and not to use humour instead. Trainer's presentation: Kept my attention. Entertaining as well as informative. Examples put everything in to perspective. Jannine Arbour, Addivant
Excellent. Thorough, informative, inspirational, enjoyable, practical and achievable. Personally I found the positive thinking elements less relevant, but I can see that it's helpful to recognise that can be an issue for others so it's definitely good to include. Trainer's Presentation: Again excellent, thorough and inspirational. I was particul...
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Course content: Well presented. A good amount of detail, along with practical to-do and tips for future development. The content delivered against and exceeded my expectations. Trainer's presentation: Well delivered in a clear manner. The course flowed throughout the time and was very enjoyable. Thank you. Bryn Jones, International Greetings ...
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Really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it. It had practical tools to use and not just a lot of words. Enjoyed the "Positive Mental Attitude" section and will put it into practice. The trainer's presentation was excellent, good documentation, very enjoyable. Jane Hough, Driver Hire
The course content was fantastic. It has given me many building blocks that I can use in both my career and my personal life. I would highly recommend the course. The trainer's presentation: Alison's presentation is extremely good. It has been very interactive, clear and visual. A great trainer and inspiring. Jemma Gunning, Audience Systems L...
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Very interesting; lots covered and all linked together well. Really helpful for wide range of professional development and good, straight forward tools to use again and teach others. Trainer's Presentation: Very clear; good amount of interaction without putting anyone on the spot (which would make attendees feel awkward). Beth Rivers, The Art...
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Course content: was good. I liked the range from practical time management, together with identifying and managing the emotional roadblocks that can inhibit good time management and productivity. The trainer's presentation was engaging, well paced and enjoyable. Helena Chappell, IDC UK Ltd
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