Course participant reviews for Personal Development Training Course

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E Buckley, Wireless CCTV
The most beneficial parts of this course were, different methods of decision making, prioritisation. Also, references to studies, personal situations to help understand terms/methods. The presentation was really informative and knowledgeable. Good use of diagrams to explain methods/processes. Adaptable to other course members work situations and...
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A. Etta, Nigerian federal government agency
I thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially the area of prioritising my work and not letting other people’s actions determine how my day goes. Excellent content. The training presentation was very good and the models and diagrams were very helpful in making things and ideas easier to understand/grasp.
C. Burns, Bus and coach company
This training course was very interesting, the content made me think about being more positive in my working and family life. I think the theories and examples used will be very beneficial to me going forward. Chris, the trainer, was an exceptional trainer with great life experience examples to illustrate his training. He was very engaging as a...
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Course content: Well presented. A good amount of detail, along with practical to-do and tips for future development. The content delivered against and exceeded my expectations. Trainer's presentation: Well delivered in a clear manner. The course flowed throughout the time and was very enjoyable. Thank you. Bryn Jones, International Greetings ...
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Really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it. It had practical tools to use and not just a lot of words. Enjoyed the "Positive Mental Attitude" section and will put it into practice. The trainer's presentation was excellent, good documentation, very enjoyable. Jane Hough, Driver Hire
Course content: Excellent content, logical but informative. Very helpful. Look forward to putting this into action. Trainer’s presentation: Excellent presentation, really knows his stuff. Phil Dyke – Hallgarten Ltd
Course content: There is a lot! A lot to review and make habitual. Everything within the course was useful and applicable to work and personal life. Trainer’s presentation: Excellent – I like the mind-mapping and how the presentation unfolded. The written material was thorough and will be a good tool to review. Jo Cross - Extreme Exhibiti...
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Course content: The course covered many important areas. I will be putting these into practise. Trainer’s presentation: Very clear, positive and interesting. Gary Blackburn - Extreme Exhibitions
Course content: Good theories and methods which can be applied to everyday work. Trainer’s presentation: Clear, good examples which relate to everyone here. Tim Titley - Swanbourne House School
Andrew Roberts
Course content: Absolutely brilliant. Gave me another insight into management. I will use the success formula. Trainer’s presentation: Chris was brilliant at presenting the course and I would recommend him. A great mix of information and comedy. Andrew Roberts - Turner Construction
Christopher Jukes
Professional development training course was excellent. Booklets are excellent! Course content excellent! Trainer’s presentation: Fantastic! Highly inspiring talker. The presentation offered ‘on’ computer and ‘on’ whiteboard were excellent, talking through each point in detail to get a full understanding. Great use of visual element to create...
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Walter Smart
Course content: Very comprehensive and well thought out. It covered many aspect of professional development and has raised my understanding of what I can do better in both work and personal life. Training presentation: Excellent presentation of the content, very friendly. Walter Smart – RBS
Course content: Very useful and clearly explained with a good delivery and focused relevant analogies. The trainers presentation: Clear, Interesting and informative. Matt Hurley - BTCV
Course content: I found the course content very easy to understand and take in. The trainer’s presentation: The trainers presentation was very clear to see, understand and learn. Jodee Gough - BTCV
Course content: It was very interesting and easy to follow. Learned a lot on this course. The trainer’s presentation: Very good. Made it easy to follow and understandable. Jackie Martip - BTCV
Course content: Good content, useful information. The trainer’s presentation: Excellent visual presentation. Good knowledge of subject matter. Jodie Moor - BTCV
Course content: Very useful topics. The trainer’s presentation: Very easy to follow the material and interesting. Sophie Philips - BTCV
Course content: Good. The trainer’s presentation: Well thought out and delivered. Lid Roberts - BTCV
The course content was informative and interesting with content varied to include specific questions we required answering which was good. The trainers presentation: was very good as always, Chris manages to get a good balance between informative and interesting without boredom settling in. Tracey Bather - BTCV
Course content: The content over all was good. The trainer’s presentation: Good, clear presentation skills. Louise Lye - BTCV
The course content was useful and informative. It was great that we set our own agenda. Very tailored to our specific needs. The trainer’s presentation: The presentation was well thought out and his knowledge was extensive. Rebecca Pain-Tolin - BTCV
I Course content: informative and relevant to company. The trainer’s presentation: Interesting throughout. Trainers Knowledge was very good. Emma Morris - BTCV
Course content: It was good and made sense as well as keeping my attention. The trainer’s presentation: good presentation skills, clearly presented and good communication skills and body language. Louise Wright - BTCV
Course content: Very full and full of variation. Good interesting content. Well researched content. The trainer’s presentation: Lively, entertaining and enthusiastic. Chrissit Champion - BTCV
Course content: Really interesting, very worthwhile. The trainer’s presentation: full of energy. Becky Daniels - BTCV
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