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R Edwards, Arebyte Gallery
I thought the technology was great! Really interactive and let us see in more detail what the leader was saying. Excellent use of green screen or whatever it was. Really informative, very thorough and gave enough chance to take notes. Good separation of content into understandable and logical areas. I gained a lot of insight and felt welcomed an...
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O Crampton, DB Wood
I thought the content was very good, with a lot of it relevant to my working environment and in some areas personal. I found the split between the organisational and emotional aspects worked well. I felt the Time Management Matrix, Priority Order Decision Matrix, as well as the future bad/future good in particular, were really useful and engagin...
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M. Lockton, Commercial law firm
Very informative training. Diagrams and plans will be very useful, as will the decision matrix in helping me to keep focused on my goals and maintain a positive mental attitude. The presenter was also extremely engaging, fast-paced but clear, good interaction and would definitely recommend this course to others.
J. Robinson, Garage equipment engineering company
This was a excellent course and very informative. Will use problem/cause/solution map and decision matrix, as well as taking home with me a more positive mental attitude towards any task. The trainer's presentation was excellent; really friendly and approachable. The course content was covered really well.
Course content: was good. I liked the range from practical time management, together with identifying and managing the emotional roadblocks that can inhibit good time management and productivity. The trainer's presentation was engaging, well paced and enjoyable. Helena Chappell, IDC UK Ltd
Very informative. Lots of good ideas and thought provoking. Has made me think about my own actions and responses. Trainer's presentation: Logical and easy to understand and follow. Very enjoyable day. Thank you very much. Helen Woodley, Optimax
The course content was fantastic, well thought out and very detailed. Trainer’s presentation: Brilliant delivery, very inspiring and informative. Definitely “bread for the head”. Brady George - Almeda Facilities
Brian Dunleavy
Course content: Excellent content. Many practical applications for the workplace. Material well laid out and professional. Training presentation: Enthused and well informed. Brian Dunleavy - SYHA Hostelling Scotland
Course content: Very good and targeted to our needs, interesting. The trainer’s presentation: Very good. Stuart Ellerby - Loft Rooms
The trainer’s presentation: Clear, concise and useful in a practical easy to implement way. Reminds you to refocus on your thoughts plans and attitudes every day. Sean McInnes - Village Vet
Course content: A broad range, but useful tools for future use in each section. The time management section of the course was particularly useful. The trainer’s presentation: Great combination of focus and humour to keep the group with course at all time. Kirsty Parker - Village Vet
Course content: Relevant to my job so good. The trainer’s presentation: Clear, concise and relevant. Martin Baker - Heath Lambert
Course content: Very educational. Lots of information with clear objectives like booklets as I can digest at home. The trainer’s presentation: Very well presented with good humour. Very clear views on positive attitude and time management. Alistair Mann - Panztel
Course content: Very good in depth course. The trainer’s presentation: Very professional. David White - Aston University
Course content: Just the right amount of content for the time available. Some useful models and practical strategies for better managing time and productivity. The trainer’s presentation: Excellent rapport and pace. A good amount of examples were given. Andrew Vickers - Aston University
Course content: Very informative and suited to my needs. The trainer’s presentation: A good delivery style. Tim Leek - VT Critical Services
Course content: Fascinating, useful and concise. The trainer’s presentation: Chris is engaging, interesting, funny, inspirational, knowledgeable, respectful, friendly, energetic, and highly intelligent and draws on startlingly broad frames of reference. Keir Ritchie - Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Course content: Very interesting- techniques to deal with problems of prioritisation and life planning. The trainer’s presentation: Clear, amusing- well structured. Miriam Book - Riomay
Course content: Very informative and thought provoking. The trainer’s presentation: A good presentation well made to a diverse company group. S.l. Cain - Riomay
Course content: Comprehensive and worthwhile. The trainers presentation: Clear and informative. Mark Adler - Riomay
Course content: Easily understood, interesting and thought provoking. The trainer’s presentation: Good style- kept good pace. James Slinn - Riomay
The course content was very good. The content focussed on logical methods, measurable and less on what I would describe as “arty farty”. The PM session was especially interesting. The trainer’s presentation was very good. I found it logical, easy to follow. Mark Tidswell, Harman
The course had lots of important information, defiantly worthwhile, given me lots to think about. The trainers presentation was very good, obviously knew his stuff, lots of energy and you left with a good feeling. Jonathon Groves - G R Lane Holdings
The course was structured and logical. I appreciated this approach. Very relevant to me. The presentation – Excellent! – Confident, flexible, knowledgeable – A very enjoyable style. Lawrence Roberts - Delta Rail Group Ltd
This course was very good and organized. Easy to follow and enjoyable. I learnt many things, which I can’t wait to apply. The trainers presentation was fantastic. Memory-aided techniques using diagrams, highlighting and bullet point key words really helped. Misba Beg
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