Financial Statement Modelling

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Financial Statement Modelling

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Financial Statement Modelling

Financial Statement Modelling teaches the core financial model design and construction techniques that every professional should know. This intensive course is designed for those working with financial models in the corporate, business modelling, banking, treasury, financial advisory, government and infrastructure sectors.

Post-course, you will receive full and ongoing access to the online version of the course as well as online support from our team of modelling experts.

CPD Certified

Suitability - Who should attend?

Financial Statement Modelling is designed for professionals who need to build, modify or run financial models.

For those with limited experience, the course is an excellent introduction to real world financial modelling. Experienced modellers find the quality and productivity of their modelling improves through the introduction of a standardised approach to model design and construction.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

The Financial Statement Modelling course will teach you solid modelling techniques which will enable you to model financial statement based forecast models – including valuation methodologies, scenario managers and sensitivity analysis.

By the end of course, you will be able to:

  • Read and understand financial models
  • Create a model containing the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow from scratch based on an existing assets basis

This course is CPD certified for 25 hours.

Training Course Content

Full list of online modules

The Financial Statement Modelling tutorials are ordered in such a way as to build up your learning in layers. By all means ignore the videos where you have the learning already. Here is a quick guide to the different categories:

Quick Reminders - knowledge that you should have picked up from our introductory courses. Quick Reminder videos are there just in case you need them.

How To - knowledge that is specific to Excel and - in particular - Excel functions. How To videos are there to build up your spreadsheet engineering abilities.

Rough Work - knowledge that is specific to the case study being modelled. In Rough Work videos look out for heavy use of placeholders and template coding.

Case Study - in Case Study videos, an experienced FAST modeller will model the case study solution. There is no audio accompaniment to Case Study videos.

Analysis - knowledge that is specific to reviewing models and obtaining insight. In Analysis videos expect lots of charting and lots of talking.

  • Primary Financial Statements

    1: Placeholders - Quick Reminder 

    2: Calculation blocks - Quick Reminder 

    3: Corkscrews - Quick Reminder 

    4: Row anchored links - Quick Reminder 

    5: Copy or link? - Quick Reminder 

    6: Quick charts - Quick Reminder 

    7: Import / export - Quick Reminder 

    8: Equity - Rough Work 

    9: Equity - Case Study 

    Revenue Price 

    1: Constants - Quick Reminder 

    2: Pyramid structure - How To 

    3: Formatting numbers - Quick Reminder 

    4: Flags - How To 

    5: Embedded constants - How To 

    6: Precedents and dependents - Quick Reminder 

    7: Editing a formula - Quick Reminder 

    8: Revenue price - Rough Work 

    9: Revenue price - Case Study 

    Revenue Demand
     1: 2D calculation blocks - How To 

    2: F1F9 macros - Quick Reminder 

    3: Find & replace - Quick Reminder 

    4: Revenue demand - Rough Work 

    5: Revenue demand - Case Study 

    Revenue Summary 

    1: Revenue summary - Case Study 

    Operating Costs 

    1: Writing a good label - How To 

    2: Sign conventions - Quick Reminder 

    3: Sign switch - Quick Reminder 

    4: Operating Costs - Rough Work 

    5: Operating Costs - Case Study 


    1: Day counts - How To 

    2: Date functions - How To 

    3: Data picks - How To 

    4: ISNA - How To 

    5: Escalation - Rough Work 

    6: Escalation - Case Study 

    Deferred Tax 

    1: Counterflows - Quick Reminder 

    2: MIN and MAX - How To 

    3: Goal seek - How To 

    4: Deferred Tax - Rough Work 

    5: Deferred Tax - Case Study 

    Business Operations 

    1: Review a FAST model - How To 

    2: Business Operations - Analysis 

    Model build challenge: Hotel Raja part 1 

    Non Current Assets 

    1: Initial balances - Rough Work 

    2: Initial balances - Case Study 

    3: Accounting depreciation - Rough Work 

    4: Accounting depreciation - Case Study 

    5: Look back functions - How To 

    6: Capital expenditure - Rough Work 

    7: Capital expenditure - Case Study 

    Tax Effects of Non Current Assets 

    1: Tax depreciation - Rough Work 

    2: Tax depreciation - Case Study 

    Working Capital 

    1: Accounts receivable - Rough Work 

    2: Accounts receivable - Case Study 

    3: Accounts payable - Rough Work 

    4: Accounts payable - Case Study 

    Business Assets 

    1: Business Assets - Analysis 

    Model build challenge: Hotel Raja part 2 

    Equity Finance 

    1: Share capital - Rough Work 

    2: Share capital - Case Study 

    3: Dividends - Rough Work 

    4: Dividends - Case Study 

    Debt Finance 

    1: Scenario selection (nested IF and CHOOSE) - How To 

    2: Scenario selection (OFFSET) - How To 

    3: Scenario selection (INDEX) - How To 

    4: Senior debt principal repayment - Rough Work 

    5: Senior debt principal repayment - Case Study 

    6: Senior debt interest I - Rough Work 

    7: Senior debt interest II - Rough Work 

    8: Senior debt interest - Case Study 

    Business Finance 

    1: Business Finance - Analysis 

    Model build challenge: Hotel Raja part 3 

    Key Outputs / Analysis 

    1: Sensitivities & scenarios - Rough Work 

    2: NPV and XNPV - How To 

    3: IRR and XIRR - How To 

    4: Valuation - Rough Work 

    5: Valuation - Case Study 

    6: Ratios - How To 

    7: Ratios - Rough Work 

    8: Ratios - Case Study 

    Quality Control 

    1: Track sheet - Rough Work 

    2: Track sheet I - Case Study 

    3: Track sheet II - Case Study 

    4: Checks & alerts - How To 

    5: Checks & alerts - Case Study 

    Model Finalisation 

    1: Placeholders - Rough Work 

    2: Flags - Rough Work 

    3: Flags - Case Study 

    4: Relocating inputs - Rough Work 

    5: Relocating inputs - Case Study 

    Model build challenge: Hotel Raja part 4

    Model build challenge: Hotel Raja part 5
    Model build challenge: Hotel Raja part 6

Continuing Studies

After completing this course you may want to consider one of our specialised courses such as Project Finance Modelling or Financial Modelling for Renewables. Alternatively, if you have to deal with models built by people who do not use a standardised approach, you may wish to attend our Financial Model Review course. 

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H. Weissman
I particularly liked the setup of the online training, and the portions provided in each section. The ability to go back and review and exercise with the models after each training and even after a few training provided an excellent opportunity to really 'learn' the skills. The setup allowed for my own pace of learning and the time I was able to...
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