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Overall, the CAMELS Approach helped me to structure my knowledge, this way I am now able to dive deeper. Especially, content on market risk was new to me.
A wonderful course with lots of unique tips and tricks.
I attended the Progress Test which was very useful to put some pressure on early on and to highlight future areas of learning.
I liked the structure of the revision courses, I felt that they were really helpful in preparing for the exam. I used the online portal a lot for the practice questions - trying the make the "slices" of the pie chart green was a really good motivational technique for me.
Forida Amin, CFA
My tutor Azmi was the best tutor I have had throughout my CFA experience. Engaging, knowledgeable and always open to answer questions in breaks and after class.
Simon Holohan was a brilliant tutor. He explained both the tricky and simple topics very well, but more importantly gave one an idea of what the institute might be looking for rather than just covering content. He also fielded questions very well kept the class engaged throughout the lesson, not an easy task from 6 - 8:30pm after a day of work!
Very high quality - tutors know what they are talking about and get the most important concepts across in an understandable manner.
Tahir Mahmood
The tutor was very engaging and charismatic. We had all the materials we needed and multiple sources of revision material.
The mobile app was a fantastic tool in terms of viewing lecture notes and videos and answering questions.
Thomas White
The progress test was a good confidence booster and a fair representation of the exam.
Fitch courses have an excellent reputation and this proved correct for this course. It was practically-based, with a good mix of theory and practice. The skill of the trainer kept things relevant and interesting over the three days. Liz Sherrard Santander
The instructor was great. She knew her stuff, kept everyone invovolved, kept the course upbeat and was very helpful. R. Abullshair, Arab Bank
A very useful and enjoyable course - helpful materials, well paced and well presented. P. Hemsley, Alliance and Leicester
In my 20 years of industry experience, attending many courses, this course stands out as one of the best. The trainer demonstrated an abundant market knowledge to facilitate our learning. Lisa Ironside, Llyods Banking Group
This course exceeded my expectations. The trainer was excellent with an in-depth knowledge and vast experience of banking and an exceptional ability to present which allowed us to understand complex topics easily. Miroslava Silanova, Advanced Coporate Credit
This course was excellent. By far one of the best I've taken. It was interesting, informative and the instructor was superb. Her explanations were very clear and well presented. E. Brundage, ING Capital
Mr. Kovach
A very enjoyable, useful and comprehensive course. I was very impressed with the trainer, who has vast experience on the subject and in-depth understanding. I would definitely attend further courses. J. Kovach, HSBC
The course was very insightful, useful and well structured. It really helped improve my overall knowledge - I definitely feel more confident. Seena Patel, Clydesdale Bank
An excellent, detailed course from an experienced trainer who not only gave course examples but real life examples from his banking career which were both interesting and inspiring. Darren Choy, ANZ
I thought the course was great. The trainer is clearly a master in this area. It was wonderful to learn some of the more complicated topics from him. Ashwinder Bakhshi FIL Investment Management
Another excellent course. It was comprehensive, interesting and well taught. It was great to have a practitioner teaching the course C. Wentworth, ABN AMRO Inc.
The trainer had my full attention throughout the day - a great use of examples and strong teaching style to keep people focused. The course was very informative - I have much to take away. J. Edwards, Wachovia
A highly enjoyable and worthwhile experience. The course was interesting and useful throughout and conducted in a friendly good humoured and highly interactive manner. Jonathan Reso Export Finance Insurance Corporation
This was a very well done course with an excellent trainer. She kept the class focused and was very knowledgeable and provided practical applications and personal experience. Edward Wright, Scotiabank
A very interesting experience - the trainer had a lot of knowledge and experience and was an excellent teacher. Rahul Vaidyanath, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
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