FSTP – We help our clients in the financial services industry to improve their regulatory standards through our award winning training and consultancy solutions.

FSTP provides first class training and professional development for professionals across all sectors of the financial services. The depth and breadth of our expertise enables us to provide tailored solutions as well as open courses that ensure your requirements are achieved.

Our services are suitable for professionals at any level of your organisation from Board members through to entry level and graduates. Choose from FSTP's courses that cover Financial Compliance, Risk, Audit, Investment, Professional Qualifications and Management Development.

Are you ready to join the leading financial services organisations that already work with FSTP to gain expert advice to understand how the latest industry regulations impact their business.

How do we make life better for you?

  • Keep your firm compliant– You can expect the latest regulatory knowledge provided by sector specialists. We help you take the practical steps required to meet the regulator’s demands.
  • Build highly skilled teams – From executive coaching to CPD events to support for professional qualifications, we provide the best training to help you build the very best teams.
  • Get independent assessment– With an objective eye, we assess your policies, processes, behaviours and leadership, helping you quickly identify and overcome your weaknesses.
  • Gain valuable peace of mind – Compliance can cause a big headache for your senior management. And rightly so, compliance failures can be disastrous for a firm. We eliminate that worry.

How are we different from other training providers?

Our training gets first-class results

  • High quality training – We give your teams the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference back in your office. And we provide excellent support for professional qualifications; our results consistently beat UK national averages.
  • Small classrooms –Whether it’s a CPD open course, or private study class for professional exams, groups are limited to no more than 14 attendees, so you get personalised attention. And sessions are practical workshops not PowerPoint lectures.
  • Engaging consultants – You can possess expert knowledge, yet be a poor teacher. We’ve built our team around people that have the required industry expertise, but are also able to grab and hold your attention (on subjects that can be rather dry).
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Chair of Audit Committee
A good summary of Audit committee issues
Chief Risk Officer
Good Overview with examples of current best practice and regulatory expectations
Internal Audit Manager

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