Course participant reviews for Hyper Island

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H Hoen
The start, I guess it had something to do with my motivation as well. I loved the first 2-3 weeks, then I felt I learned a lot of new things
A Fazendeiro
The kits, classes and the workshops open my mind for lots of subjects that I didn't had the time to explore. Reflect on them made gain more awareness on areas that I need to focus now and on the future. One of the most important subject was "circle of influence " were I understand not to waste time and energy on things that aren't my responsibil...
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It’s tough to decide. I think building continuous feedback into our team culture is going to be transformative, for myself and the team.
M Kolly
To understand that teaming is a thing we constantly have to work on. And that it is ok for it to be difficult
R Hung
Handling conflicts, developing team continuously, harnessing diversity
C Soares
Live sessions with great guests
O Farrell
Handeling conflict
E Ernan
Module 2 was particularly good
A Eriksson
I honestly think every part has been really valuable, but the handling conflict (module #4), is the one that I've cited most in my everyday life and work life during the course.
K Klotz
I liked all of the modules, I found value and inspiration in every single presentation. Most enlightening were all the prototyping sessions with Joe Coppard as it showed how much you can do out of nothing. Niklas Huss was intresting from a personal perspective. The new logic broughts things togehter from so many perspectives. Smarter every day.
P Buehler
Live sessions and of course working on the reflection journals
H Klavert
Reflection Journals, use of slack for course interaction, digging deep into the Hyper Island toolkit and applying it.
I Haenggi
the theoretical models, paired with the journals
Toolkits and Workshop Library
The vast amount of bibliography about leading and interpersonal matters helped a lot for further reading / practices. I valued the other peers feedback + reflection journals as well as the process itself, it is a great practice to rationalize what you are learning.
V Parapanova
What is the small step I can start with to improve myself as a leader, and new learnings about the new modern ways of work in a team.
G Martins
Being introduced to new tools and frameworks followed by putting it in practice. namely the ideation, prototyping and testing lessons.
G Galikovafb
The most valuable was the teamwork and the real brief we got. The reason is, that I realized the complecity of UX and I had to deliver the outcomes in limited time.
J Liljedahl
Course was good, but perhaps I had too much experience in some areas. I also would have wanted a more structured method to follow. Eg. first an example, then a minitask using that, too get warm, to get understanding and then after that we could have been let loose with a "real task". Now i felt a bit lost and confused.
P Angelin
A new logic, ideation and prototyping, culture change.
M Mogard
All sessions with Joe! In his sessions you leaned methodologies and also that you had the change to test them out in real life during the session. Was really good to have the small group business case as well and to have a continuous follow up on the learnings.
A Kullberg
The sessions about idea generation and prototyping and Ashkan Fardot's session about at New Logic.
D Papilaya
The prototype sessions were really valuable to me. Those things were really practical instead of just listening, which made me learn it faster and in a fun way. Next, to that, I found those sessions the most fun to directly work with a case and learn from that.
S Ulcan
I think all part was good and complemented each other
M Gafvert
It was an overall good experience and three inspirational days. But, since it was only three days I had valued more concentrated focus on the actual topic - UX. I would appreciated more theory, information and digging down in UX-related topics even more. I thought the assignment and brief from the client was a little bit of topic and wide in int...
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