Course participant reviews for Hyper Island

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Based on 94 reviews

F Santos
This course gave me the chance to understand everything I wasn't doing and everything I was doing wrong in terms of Digital Marketing. It provided me with a clear and practical notion of what's important and needs to be done when you first approach a digital marketing problem. Also, having no-bullshit, straight talking, course facilitators like ...
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E Ljungstrom
It’s a great course to improve oneself. They would like that it’s possible to learn so much. You have so many people to ask for help.
A Huellebrand
I think, as many of my friends are creatives as well, they would also benefit from the theoretical backround.
C Lindblad
The clear structure and hands on tips and tricks for a successful digital marketing
The fast-paced learning, learning by doing, rich content
H Narihara
Communication with other Swedish and the other country’s people, who is in various professional area
L Neal
All parts were valuable but I find the attraction and activation part most 'easy to digest' since I work in a non ecom business
J Narang
Already got a team member to attend a neo4j conference this week on the node & relationship model as we are ready to apply that technique to a range of hypothesis we have in our business
Learnt so much in depth info
C Penna
The exchange of experience among professionals from all over the world. This helps build content that is not only segmented, but covers more knowledge.
K Basulto
Working on the reflection journals.
Martina Szepanski
I think they will get the same aha-experience that I did. And also the understanding, that there are peers that feel the same and have the same struggles within digital marketing.
H Burke
All the content was new to me so it was all great. However, I really liked module 2 as it, i felt, was where I could use my creativity the most.
H Panella
The learning kits, the challenges and the peer feedback
E Standar
High quality content and the mix between learning and doing. Thank you!
J Mi
The HI way and the selection of materials.
J Garcia
That you really learn by doing and analyzing what you did right away.
M Kolliker
The methodology used for the course experience, the strategic & tactical approach to the high-quality learning material, the possibility to do it online while feeling part of a community and interacting with so many people.
S Zits
I am aiming to implement all of the learnings as much as I can.
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