Course participant reviews for Leading Teams in a Digital Age

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Based on 29 reviews

First three courses. Would have loved a deep dive on those topics
M Rahme
The breakout rooms in online sessions / The Slack Channel / The learning kit (5 stars!)
A Pi
The Learning Kits, the live sessions (my favourites were Mia Rung and Sofia Falk) and the papers and videos connected to each Learning Kit. And of course the people who joined the course! Sveinung has been a great leader of the course, super encouraging and inspiring!
S Palliyalil
The feedback sessions, reflection journals are quite simple and could be easily implemented. It’s a great self teaching method that is so simple that it gets ignored. I’m have already started off on reflection journals for the week in all aspects of life.
M Sequeira
Learning that reflecting is much more important than I ever thought. It's a practice I want to keep doing regularly even after finishing the course.
M Gnipping
All the resources, the new ideas and the inspiration from meeting others in the same (or similar) situations as me
S Wagner
The workshops and tools!
Made me reflect, in a structured way, about my behaviours and my team.
V Ezhkina
From modules - conflicts and feedback, from process - reflection journals and peer-to-peer feedback
T Chan
Reflection Journal Tools and Tips
R Tschopp
The inputs in a short rhythm, the good choice of topics, the open task.
O Wyman
I found the ease at which new concepts were introduced to me (learning kits) and the workshop library to be extremely valuable - and I believe they will continue to be.
A lot of the links and videos. Unfortunately I was not able to attend most of the sessions. But the ones I attended was very good.
Everything from start to finish. The design of the course which covers different aspects which build up on each other makes it very valuable. Reading material, live-session, Toolbox, Journals, Slack discussions, Feedback, great host, inspiring guest and with this the possibility to directly use what you have learned.
H Hoen
The start, I guess it had something to do with my motivation as well. I loved the first 2-3 weeks, then I felt I learned a lot of new things
A Fazendeiro
The kits, classes and the workshops open my mind for lots of subjects that I didn't had the time to explore. Reflect on them made gain more awareness on areas that I need to focus now and on the future. One of the most important subject was "circle of influence " were I understand not to waste time and energy on things that aren't my responsibil...
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It’s tough to decide. I think building continuous feedback into our team culture is going to be transformative, for myself and the team.
M Kolly
To understand that teaming is a thing we constantly have to work on. And that it is ok for it to be difficult
R Hung
Handling conflicts, developing team continuously, harnessing diversity
C Soares
Live sessions with great guests
O Farrell
Handeling conflict
E Ernan
Module 2 was particularly good
A Eriksson
I honestly think every part has been really valuable, but the handling conflict (module #4), is the one that I've cited most in my everyday life and work life during the course.
P Buehler
Live sessions and of course working on the reflection journals
H Klavert
Reflection Journals, use of slack for course interaction, digging deep into the Hyper Island toolkit and applying it.
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