Course participant reviews for User Experience Lab

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Based on 10 reviews

G Galikovafb
The most valuable was the teamwork and the real brief we got. The reason is, that I realized the complecity of UX and I had to deliver the outcomes in limited time.
J Liljedahl
Course was good, but perhaps I had too much experience in some areas. I also would have wanted a more structured method to follow. Eg. first an example, then a minitask using that, too get warm, to get understanding and then after that we could have been let loose with a "real task". Now i felt a bit lost and confused.
M Gafvert
It was an overall good experience and three inspirational days. But, since it was only three days I had valued more concentrated focus on the actual topic - UX. I would appreciated more theory, information and digging down in UX-related topics even more. I thought the assignment and brief from the client was a little bit of topic and wide in int...
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K Ofstetter
The course is good. I like the content. I think it's overpriced for the little amount of days we really have to learn.
R Gosoiu
I loved all of them: inspiration, tools and methods I can further explore and hands on a real brief. Really good mix of everything.
J Flusund
I think I will adjust some aspects of my process after the course. I have looked into Lean UX before and it is valuable to see how other UX teams works and what peocesses they use in their work.
E Brown
I learnt quite a lot, formal and informal, from the resource persons as well as other participants
I got a good view of what ux is which was really nice. For me personally I would have wanted more practical excercies doing prototyping.
Malin Gafvert
The whole experience of first going into my own stretch-zone (experience) and then given the tools and knowledge to put it in practice by doing (learning)
J Axelsson
Hands-on prototyping.
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