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It was good, the content was basic to start with becoming more advanced twoards the end, which was a sensible way to deliver what became quite complex content
At the beginning of the course, I thought I would struggle and that the majority of this would go over my head but as it went on, I found I needn't have worried as it turned out to be very interesting and helped improve my thought process for campaigns. Patsy, MMM
the session was easy to listen to and take in as the trainer had a good voice (!!) and a good way of explaining phrases, slides and our inclusion
I liked how the course ran and was set up - that we were able to ask questions live, and would recommend to others.
Well done to the IAB and the presenter for finding a way to continue training sessions by using Zoom. Advanced Programmatic was informative and really well organised.
Michelle Goodall presented the Social Media Strategy course and she was absolutely brilliant. Clear, concise and easy to follow. I feel more confident in adding a social media element to our media plans understanding the channels and their purpose.
The host was really great and made it as interactive as possible given the circumstances
Katherine was very engaging with a good tone of voice, I liked her and thought she was very good at keeping me interested. Although I liked the simple visuals so it meant I listened more instead of tryign to read loads of text on the screen.
James was great, especially under such different circumstances. Very clear, precise and engaging. Would highly recommend.
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