Course participant reviews for IFF - International Faculty of Finance

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Prof Stephen Ogaji
I thouroughly enjoyed this course and the method of it administration was second to none... real life cases in simple understandable language were used. I will recommend this course to anyone who wants to get an application view of project finance for relevant industry.
John Melrose Burns
My favourite part of the training was the visual experience by charts/ diagrams, linked to excel modelling, was extremely helpful in explaining methodology clearly and succinctly. Videos and narrative course material were excellent also.
Jekaterina Badejeva
Practical examples and sample assignments with answers. Short videos for each module were also useful as they gave a sense of classroom environment. Practical examples and sample assignment answers helped to see how various financing solutions are applied in practice and also gives students an opportunity to test their understanding of the subject.
Maram Tubaileh
Thorough and detailed explanation of the concepts.
Alistair Collins
The diagrammatic summaries linked to the contents of the module were especially useful when returing to points.
Patrick Gomez
The project which brought all the knowledge to application.
Tsotetsi Makong
Documentary credits and their application. This is because my continent, Africa, is enroute to opening intra-continental marketing which will increasingly call for the usage of trade finance tools
Phil Currie
The Mix of technical material / Video and supporting reference material was powerful.
Virginia Colurcio
Generally speaking, the modules are well explained with examples and references to cases. In all modules I like these parts. I would say that it's a good course to get the basic needed to understand why loan agreements are build up the way they are.
Lijofi Oluwaseun
My favourite part of the course were modules on Valuation and Mergers and Takeovers. The text in general captured an unusual thought process which helps you think outside the regular. The course is very detailed. It is advisable to be disciplined with the reading of the course text within the set timeframe in order not to be overwhelmed at the ...
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Andres Rosero
My favourite part of the training was Credit Risk. Because it is the most related part to my current work. I had undertunately no time to cover exactly that very part on the final work - it was very interesting to have an insight on the pricing from the banking perspective, where i usually focus on the credit risk pricing from the insurance pers...
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Antoinette Curmi
my favourite part of the training was the analysis of the practical side of the scenario because of its real-life implications
George Camilleri
My favourite part of the training was the Quantitative chapters - I had no idea what goes into a balance sheet, income statement etc. and how to do forecasting. This was one of the reasons for doing this course.
Khalil El Bawab
My favourite part of the training was the credit memorandum writing, although it wasn’t an easy task. However it was my favourite part because it put everything into perspective
Saddamo F. Sulemane Aboobakar
My favourite part was financial Risks and Cashflow Forecast Modelling. These are the subjects I had some difficulties with previously however now this is sorted.
Faith Chenesai Choga
I liked the module on qualitative risk analysis because it helped me to understand other risks that investors take into account before deciding to participate in a deal or not. It Is also good knowledge for person who doesn’t have knowledge about PF.
Cecilia Wambui Njigi
I really liked the test after each course that gauged my understanding of the coursework
Nick Theodorakos
I recently began a new role and am very thankful for the course as it aligned surprisingly well with the functional role I am now playing. I enjoyed the format and would not change much. That said I have taken some classes online that have an live workshop component where there are dial-in classes that allow for live instruction and Q&A.
Nicholai Cumbo
My Favourite part was the assignment, as it allowed me to dig in deeper in certain topics and get a better understanding on those topics.
Very comprehensive without being rushed
Course gave a solid basis of basic knowledge
Christian Ekpo
The course is very interesting with good content.
Anna Samake
I appreciated the experience sharing with the trainer and his willingness to guide the less experience
Hanna Hespe
Very interesting with live examples. Challenging, interesting and very current. Good mix of participants
Jean McNutt
Due diligence pointers very useful. Analysis models 'thinking' tips and ideas invaluable. Enjoyed all aspects of the course content. Great to use recent examples, puts things into perspective. Informal style invoked discussions.
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