Course participant reviews for The Mechanics of Credit Risk Analysis

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Andres Rosero
My favourite part of the training was Credit Risk. Because it is the most related part to my current work. I had undertunately no time to cover exactly that very part on the final work - it was very interesting to have an insight on the pricing from the banking perspective, where i usually focus on the credit risk pricing from the insurance pers...
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Antoinette Curmi
my favourite part of the training was the analysis of the practical side of the scenario because of its real-life implications
George Camilleri
My favourite part of the training was the Quantitative chapters - I had no idea what goes into a balance sheet, income statement etc. and how to do forecasting. This was one of the reasons for doing this course.
Khalil El Bawab
My favourite part of the training was the credit memorandum writing, although it wasn’t an easy task. However it was my favourite part because it put everything into perspective
Saddamo F. Sulemane Aboobakar
My favourite part was financial Risks and Cashflow Forecast Modelling. These are the subjects I had some difficulties with previously however now this is sorted.
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