Illumine is a high impact training provider (UK based, delivering worldwide), providing training to enhance practical thinking skills to improve the performance of individuals and organisations.

The range of courses and workshops help to:

  • Be better organised
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Generate fresh perspectives and new ideas
  • Manage and lead with authority
  • Perform at a consistently outstanding level
  • Handle change positively and build productive business relationships

    Training is delivered through:
  • Public Workshops – 1 and 2 day workshops delivering real and lasting benefits throughout the UK.
  • In-house Courses – Specifically for a team or group from across the organisation. Always happy to provide bespoke solutions that are exactly right for you and your people.
  • In-house bite-size (90 minute) learning sessions designed by Illumine to maximise learning in the minimum time possible.
  • Other Options – Facilitation, Coaching, Away-days and Speakers.
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Providing high impact courses since 1996

A unique focus on thinking as a source of competitive advantage


Professional Training
Open / Scheduled
Business & Management Length Price Location Reviews
Creativity for Logical Thinkers 1 day From 450 GBP London
4.9 (97)
Mind Mapping For Business 1 day Nationwide
4.9 (26)
Communications & Media
Communication Skills
Think Before You Speak 1 day From 450 GBP Multiple (2)
4.9 (77)
Personal Development
Effective Speed Reading™ 1 day From 450 GBP London
4.9 (30)
Fast Reading & Super Memory 1 day From 450 GBP London
5.0 (192)
Professional Business Writing 2 days From 875 GBP London
4.7 (95)
Corporate Training for Teams
Business & Management
Creativity for Logical Thinkers 1 day Worldwide
4.9 (88)
Effective Business Relationship Management 1 day Worldwide
5.0 (5)
Effective Change Management 2 days Worldwide
4.8 (11)
Employee Engagement 1 day Worldwide
4.0 (1)
Essential Management Skills 2 days Worldwide
5.0 (22)
Facilitation and Meeting Skills 1 day Worldwide
5.0 (25)
Generating Ideas 0.5 days Worldwide
5.0 (10)
Introduction to Change Management - positively embracing change 1.5 hours Worldwide
4.0 (1)
Mind Mapping For Business 1 day Worldwide
5.0 (22)
Practical Thinking for Project Success 1 day Worldwide
4.9 (15)
Problem Solving 1 day Worldwide
4.8 (9)
Problem-solving in a Nutshell™ - 90 Minute FIT Workshop 1.5 hours Worldwide
5.0 (5)
Unleashing Creativity™ - 90 Minute FIT Workshop 1.5 hours Worldwide
5.0 (1)
High Performance Coaching 1 day Worldwide
5.0 (17)
Communications & Media
Dealing with the Media Worldwide
Effective Communication with NLP 0.5 days Worldwide
4.9 (9)
Powerful Presentations 1 day Worldwide
5.0 (41)
Rapid Rapport™ - 90 Minute FIT Workshop 1.5 hours Worldwide
4.8 (10)
Think Before You Speak 1 day Worldwide
4.9 (62)
Human Resources
Train the Trainer Course - Design and Delivery Skills 2 days Worldwide
Value Adding Appraisals 1 day Worldwide
5.0 (1)
Building High Performing Teams 2 days Worldwide
From Competent Manager to Effective Leader 2 days Worldwide
5.0 (4)
Passionate Leadership 1 day Worldwide
4.3 (4)
Structured & Critical Thinking Course 1 day Worldwide
4.6 (46)
Negotiation Skills 2 days Worldwide
4.9 (10)
Personal Development
Are you listening?™ - 90 Minute FIT Workshop 1.5 hours Worldwide
Developing Resilience 1 day Worldwide
4.7 (150)
Eat Well, Perform Well™ - 90 Minute FIT Workshop 1.5 hours Worldwide
Effective Speed Reading™ 1 day Worldwide
5.0 (26)
Emotional Intelligence 0.5 days Worldwide
4.7 (65)
Fast Reading & Super Memory 1 day Worldwide
5.0 (170)
Improve your Memory 0.5 days Worldwide
5.0 (10)
Managing and Mastering Time™ - 90 Minute Workshop 1.5 hours Worldwide
5.0 (1)
Mind Mapping Masterclass - 90 Minute FIT Workshop 1.5 hours Worldwide
Names & Faces... and other stuff!™- 90 Minute FIT Workshop 1.5 hours Worldwide
4.5 (2)
Peak Performance Strategies™ - 90 Minute FIT Workshop 1.5 hours Worldwide
Professional Business Writing 1 day Worldwide
4.8 (89)
Recognising and Managing Stress 1 day Worldwide
4.8 (15)
Speed Reading Essentials™ - 90 Minute FIT Workshop 1.5 hours Worldwide
5.0 (13)
Stress Management™ - 90 Minute FIT Workshop 1.5 hours Worldwide
5.0 (3)
That's what you think!™ - 90 Minute FIT Workshop 1.5 hours Worldwide
4.8 (5)
Time Management for Personal Effectiveness 0.5 days Worldwide
4.7 (90)
Work Life Balance Workshop 0.5 days Worldwide
4.5 (2)
e-learning / Online / Distance
Business & Management
Introduction to Creativity 2.5 hours From 13 GBP Distance
Mind Mapping Mastery - E-learning Course 1.5 hours From 13 GBP Distance
5.0 (2)
Personal Development
Speed Reading E-learning Course 1.5 hours From 13 GBP Distance
4.0 (1)

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Why choose Illumine Training

The courses are based on the belief that superior thinking results in superior performance:

  • Practical and immediately usable skills
  • A unique range of courses suited to all levels
  • Modular design ensures straightforward tailoring so that you get the development you need
  • Subject Matter Experts who put the learner at the centre of every course
  • An exceptional team, experienced in putting on high impact courses in different cultures and industries


Average rating 4.9

Based on 1808 reviews

Excellent trainer. Using the methods helps with the implementation in real life.
Lots of techniques to use with an excellent facilitator with lots of knowledge.
It introduced a number of techniques to use creative and structured thinking to overcome problems, challenges, or tackle situtations. These tools can be used in a range of situations both at home and work.

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