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Save 10% on the full range of Illumine Training's open/scheduled training courses designed to help businesses enhance the way managers and staff think, learn and create for better effectiveness.

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10% Discount on Illumine Training public training courses in management, leadership and personal development skills

Illumine Training are leading proponents of  Better brains for better business® and are committed to offering businesses a unique portfolio of high quality, high impact techniques to build exceptional Management and Leadership skills.

Focusing in five core areas, Illumine Training courses develop the way we use our brains to perform better in the workplace:

Learn, Absorb & Understand - Think, learn and plan efficiently and with effective results

Write, Speak & Influence - Always make a positive impression, be remembered, develop strong relationships and effectively influence in all interactions.

Creative Thinking & Innovation - Generate new perspectives and ideas, solve real problems and enhance decision making and team working.

Meetings, Facilitation & Coaching - Enhance group participation, share knowledge and run productive meetings that make good use of everyone’s skills and experience.

Engagement & Personal Balance - Enhance engagement and motivation, reduce stress levels and improve performance.

**For a limited period Illumine are offering a SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT on their range of public Personal Development, Management & Leaderships and Communication skills training courses**


Illumine Training have a worldwide reputation for delivering excellent in-house training solutions to businesses from a broad range of public and private sectors and in multiple locations across the globe. Organisations regularly utilise Illumine Training to complement existing and new management, leadership, talent and graduate development programmes and are experience in working in partnership with in-company trainers and other suppliers. Illumine Training can address specific company requirements by tailoring content and delivering at your own premises for ultimate convenience.

How fit is your brain?

For a sample of what Illumine Training can offer, consider the following hints and tips that Illumine have created as a taster of what they can do to enhance the way you think, learn and create - the areas that Illumine Training specialises in:

Beat Stress - Good nutrition is a key route to reducing stress. Eat and hydrate regularly and try adding more broccoli and potatoes to your diet to enjoy their soothing influence on the nervous system.

Improve your memory - Clarify your objectives, take an interest, eat protein-filled power lunches and train you brain to co-ordinate both sides through exercises like juggling.

Accelerate your learning - Give the BIG PICTURE first, then follow up with the details, Involve POSITIVE emotions and visualise a CLEAR goal! These are just three of ten keys to accelerated learning.

Communicate - Skilled communicators use facts and figures in a dynamic and memorable way to catch and hold attention. Try linking facts and figures to something familiar to your listener. e.g Mowing your lawn burns 450 calories, about the same as a 45 minute run.

Illumine Training Courses in management, leadership, effectiveness and personal development

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