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Impact Factory provides tailor-made Professional Development Programmes and Open Courses starting from presentation and communication skills to leadership and executive coaching for individuals. Their offerings range from one, two and five day courses, tailored programmes for groups of all sizes and one-to-one work.

Impact Factory's training in people skills seeks to develop the individual by providing an opportunity for the "Wow!" experience that allows people to develop quickly and efficiently.

For almost three decades, Impact Factory has helped organisations, including FSTE 100s, to be more effective, collaborative and creative by empowering their teams and individuals.They have done this by creating and facilitating human-centred bespoke programmes that combine quality and expertise, ensuring that business and training goals are met with imagination, flair, professionalism and great customer service.

Impact Factory's aim is to work in partnership with clients to create and deliver effective and fun solutions to respond to the challenges their organisations face with programmes that are productive, effective and meaningful with the business goals of clients as a key objective.

Their methodology, 'Professional Personal Development', is compelling, enjoyable and simple. Impact Factory excels in:

  • Delivering dynamic sessions for individuals and groups, helping them open up and discover what they are good at so they can build from that
  • Creating shared experience that bring people and teams together
  • Shaping and creating multi-cultural, multi-generational teams
  • Working across multi-layered structures within organisations
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An excellent course in every way. Very well designed, enabling maximum application of learning by course attendees in practice sessions. Excellent facilitation by Dominik and Katie, guiding skill development, providing on the spot feedback, providing options and creating a great environment for learning. Focus on making changes to specific behav...
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Natalie, British Legion
I've found I'm much more in control of conversations. I've also been using the power of the pause quite a bit and staggered at how people react to me due to me not reacting in the way they thought I would. Natalie
Bryan D. Bullock, BD Medical
I can say that I’ve been using and encouraging others to use more pausing as well as encouraging them to use more storytelling for purposes of creating a personal connection and engagement. Bryan D. Bullock - Senior Advisor - BD Medical

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