Course participant reviews for Programming with C#

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Excellent course, got everything that I wanted from the course. Managed to understand the vast majority of the topics. And the chapters were taught a steady pace and I was able to understand fully. Instructor was good too and was always willing to assist and help whenever I was stuck.
Matthew Hall
This was a great whirlwind course delivered by a knowledgeable and well paced trainer. I got a lot from this course and it covered all the topics well with a good balance of exercises.
Very good course. Well explained and taught. Will probably do the C# with WPF course.
Mr Anand
Well done for delivering an excellent 2 day course in C# that was perfect for my needs. There was alot of material that you covered and you even made the tough topics so comprehensive. I was impressed by the VNC software in place of the standard projector. You knew your material well enough and kept us well satisfied. The documentation provided ...
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