Course participant reviews for Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant (ACEA™)

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Dipti Haldawnekar
It was an amazing course and Richard was perfect and to the point. He ensured that all of us understood the course properly. His presentation was very good filled with amazing pictures and videos that helped us to further understand the matter. I highly recommend this course for all EPAs and especially doing with Richard.
I recently spent 4 long days on the ACEPA course here in Dubai through Innoverto. I am a personal who becomes very bored easily when attending training sessions. I can honestly say that Richard is an exceptional influencing trainer. He is very motivating and engages in all aspects of the course. The training aloud me to understand all aspect al...
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A course for people who have been PA's for a while and understands the business. Strategic thinking and project management forms an increasingly bigger role in the PA's day to day job description and this course gives you the tools and provides you with the "ammunition" to really make your voice heard and adds substance and value to the busines...
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Excellent course. Covers all relevant topics. Would highly recommend it.
Thank you for a top quality course. I especially enjoyed the group exercises and case studies. The presentation on the last day was an excellent application opportunity, i.e. applying all you have learned in one presentation. The team work also afforded the opportunity to really get to understand one's DISC profile and that of others as you we...
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Maguy Lutete
This course has really empowered me to keep on working and learning again and again. The course really equipped me with so many skills, HR, Governance, Project Management, Risk management etc. This course illustrates that EPA's are the focal point of their organization and should be equipped with many skills.
A fantastic programme with enriching results. I am excited to implement what I have learned in my environment. Richard is a world class facilitator and allows you to think out of the box! Jeanne, USB
Its a need for every EPA. I've started to implement some of the things I learned and its really working for me. Thanks Richard.
Cecilia Milanda
Business Partner cum Executive Personal Assistant is my new title. This course was assisted me to enhance my already existing skills and broadened my expertise in this field. Thank you OPSA for organizing this training and Richard for empowering us with the knowledge.
Janet O'Brien
This is a very full on course, jam packed with a huge amount of information. I enjoyed the interaction and being in a position to use what you have learnt in group sessions. I would recommend this course for those who are keen to work in partnership with their managers.
Carole Liddy
This course was intense! not your usual course where you come and listen and leave with an attendance certificate. You walk out of this course with your head held high. "I Matter!" - that you've learnt the tools/processes to implement in your workplace. I'm delighted with my certificate and will display it with pride.
Carole Liddy
This course was intense! not your usual course where you come and listen and leave with an attendance certificate. You walk out of this course with your head held high. "I Matter!" - that you've learnt the tools/processes to implement in your workplace. I'm delighted with my certificate and will display it with pride.
Danette Smith
PA's should start believing in the valuable contribution that they can and must make towards their organisations. This course gave me the tools to enhance not only my role but processes at my workplace as well. I've never been so excited and proud about a course certificate than after this course. It was a busy and intensive course, but I feel ...
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Michelle D'Souza
It was so good attending the training. Indeed an excellent program that helped me analyse my strengths and areas of improvement.
Sarah Elkholy
- Enjoied every minute - It was very informative and interesting - The course instructor was direct and influencial - Made me think to further take more courses with your institution I would like to know if you offer courses in project management or finance for executive assistants anytime soon. Thank you
Maria Fernandes, Qtel, Qatar
Very innovative and extremely beneficial course! I have learned a lot and this will definitely improve my skills and performance.
Susan Ali, Emdad, UAE
It was a pleasure to attend this course. Richard is a great trainer.
Mariam Reznate, Al Taif, UAE
Sajid Mallebhari, Office Administrator, VP HSE Office, Abu Dhabi Gas Development Company Limited (Al Hosn Gas)
The ACEPA training is very informative and will definitely help to increase our productivity in our daily work
Mrs. Lea Pare, Administration Supervisor, Abu Dhabi Gas Development Co. Ltd. (Al Hosn Gas)
It was a very good learning experience; The course is very comprehensive and empowering.
A great course covering everything you and your boss will be working with day to day (from strategy to email etiquette!). Learn more about the processes you're already dealing with and how to enhance/improve them. A good networking opportunity also to learn from others in the role as well as from an established, approachable course leader with ...
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Janet O'Brien
I found this course amazing, content is detailed and engaging. This will help in so many facets of my role and will only make me a better PA now and in the future. Richard is a wealth of information. If you are looking for a course that covers everything, this is it, get your boss to approve for the next course.
Mahmoud Abdulaziz
The content was very rich in knowledge. Richard is a very good facilitator, and I liked the training techniques he applied during this course.
Umair Ahmed Khan
Brilliance beyond the imagination. Learnt valuable lessons and tools that will be useful for a long time to come. Richard is a good trainer (God Bless Him), explains & implement the correct path way of professional life.
I really enjoyed the content and active workshop style. Richard was great!
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