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This course is exceptional for all assistants. All content is prepared to give an overview of the different strategic points of the companies. It is excellent for all assistants, as we often do not have ALL the content covered in the course in our current activities. Richard Arnott is an excellent instructor, who handles all subjects very well...
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Lisa Hawker
Exceptional course, covered so many relevant topics. Very much enjoyed the slow progression of delegate presentations leading to final presentation at the end of the week. Trainer was a font of knowledge and pulled in many years of experience, knew when to put delegates to task and also lighten the mood with anecdotes. Highly recommend, which...
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Keith Sneddon
A very enjoyable and informative course that gives real skills that can be employed in the work place. Delivered by experienced trainer who has seen that and done it for real. A very inclusive course that ensures that everyone has an input.
I felt like this course was really good. the group discussions and the group work made it more interesting. The setting was also good with good quality food. The tutor Jeff Lockhart was also really good explained the units really well. Im glad I passed my course.
This was an excellent course! Jeff had extensive knowledge of the material he covered and his teaching style was very engaging. He was able to get a group of 20 strangers to take part in the various exercises as well as interact with each other. There was a very wide range of topics covered, each one as relevant as the other. I am not an EA b...
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Coty Sandberg
I think it is extremely valuable that this course is executive lead, first and foremost. It provides the delegate the opportunity to understand not only the asks on their executive, but also lends tools to intelligently review processes in their own org and have many suggestions and tools "up their sleeve" to offer to leadership. The team exerci...
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Trang Tran
Highly recommend this course to any EA that is looking to improve his/her skills.
Claire Hartill
The ACEA course greatly exceeded my expectations! It gives a very good overview of organisation/business topics that working as EA or general administrator you aren't aware of. Teacher was very approachable and knowledgeable, facilities and food provided were very good. It was nice that we were a relatively small team (everyone very friendly!)...
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Hannah Reason
The course was informative and interesting, Jeff made the topics engaging and encouraged us to discuss and debate each one as a group. He was brilliant at contextualising each topic by linking it to relevant and interesting true to life examples. The activities at the end of each topic really enabled me to put the learning in to practice and gai...
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I have attended several seminars, workshops, training's, etc. over many years that I have been an EA. This topped all of them! The content was great, I was stretched into areas I was uncomfortable and learned a great deal. It was also a plus to be given the time to engage with the other EA's to learn from them and their experiences. I highly...
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Debbi Shaffer
The ACEA course exceeded my expectations. It was challenging, but the hands-on team exercises made it fun as well. Richard, our instructor, was very knowledgable. I highly recommend the course.
Fiona Curiel
This course was just what I was looking for - aimed at experienced, high-level EA / COS and very much business-focused, offering tools and learnings that I have already started to implement. The format included a lot of group interaction as well as specific exercises we worked on together as a team - a great way of putting theory into practice, ...
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Roselle Carlin
IAN was wonderful, he was very knowledgeable in all areas discussed and provided insight on the role of an experienced EA/PA from an executive perspective. He provided us with insight on how he worked/utilized his past PA/EA's which was helpful and good for us to hear as a group. He was funny, pleasant, and punctual and I highly recommend IAN fo...
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Michelle Bryan
I really enjoyed the course as an introductory and refresher to many topics. The group of candidates were diverse and we were mostly of a similar seniority and standing. I really liked the fact that the instructor talked of his own experience with his various assistants which helped to bring the material to life. It would have been nice to...
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Laura Alden-Court
It was certainly the best course I have attended and delivered everything it set out to do. There were only 6 of us (4 women and 2 men) on it which enabled a really close knit interactive group. The trainer was fabulous – really engaging with a GSOH.
Appah Suoyo Kelvin
It was an eye opener for me on how well to structure a functional organization and personal development to handle every day task at home, in the office and on the go... the course were well outlined to educate anyone and at all levels. The manual is self explanatory which aids learning during the course and the anchor instructor is a Professor b...
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Abdul Khader Fazlurrahman
The faculty are experienced and knowledgeable in the area of training programme. It’s good gain experience from various sectors key people on there real tendering experience.
Atique Rehman
Very well structured course with emphasis on Bidding and Procurement principles.
Faisal AlOtaibi
Abdullah Ali Hakami
the course was so great, a lot of interesting subject
Tammy Mowles
The ACEA course was very well prepared and presented. Richard's business knowledge took the course to the next level of learning. Providing past employment knowledge and stories helped understand the language and material.
Christine Gendry El Haddad
It is the most, beneficiary, fruitful, educational experience I have ever attended, the facilitator "Mr. Ian" was just amazing in delivering the course with real life story .... Definitely I came back home with added value in my career and a mind set to apply whatever I have learned during this training. Thank you Innoverto, thank you Mr. Ian.
Fran Smith
I recently completed the ACEA Certification training and I would highly recommend it for an Executive level assistant who is interested in broadening their knowledge to be better prepared with the necessary skills to strategically partner with the executive(s) they support. This training takes a deep dive into the ever changing roles and respon...
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