Course participant reviews for Health & Safety Level 1

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I have recently become a Health & Safety Representative for my warehouse company, and with limited knowledge on Health & Safety, i found , the ease with clear, friendly language and small manageable steps to follow. I would highly recommend this .
Amy M.
I have recently become a Health & Safety Representative for my company, and with limited knowledge on Health & Safety, I was advised to take this course. After initially being very nervous about sitting an exam, the course soon put me at ease with clear, friendly language and small manageable steps to follow. I would highly recommend this course...
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Ali F.
I wanted to refresh my H&S knowledge and found this course to be exactly what was needed to start the process. I have a dread of 'sitting exams' but this was clear and concise with easy to follow instructions. It uses simple language and doesn't over complicate the information given. I will now continue to Level 2. Highly recommended.
Emma T.
Having been out of employment due to illness I wanted to take a refresher course. I came across Intellelearn via google and have not been disappointed.. The course is very clear, and good that you have to work through all the fields in order to achieve your achievements. The course is very thorough and exactly what I needed to reinforce my learn...
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Andrea P.
I studied this course because a job vacancy required me to have knowledge on the subject. I liked it because it was very interactive and it also didn't have a lot of videos to watch. Sometimes I think a lot of the courses over-do the videos but this was was just the right amount of information. I recommend it to everybody who requires it for t...
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Alex M.
Very straight forward course, interactive and comprehensive.
Daniel W.
I found this to be a really good course and easy to use and complete. I found that it gave me very useful information and gave me all the information I needed to complete the course. If you take your time and go through it stage by stage its very interesting and very insightful especially when it comes to the workplace your in. Easy to navigate ...
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It was well designed and simple to follow, straight to the point. A great course and very informative.
Kelly Anne C.
Easy to follow and informative. Loved the navigation to the steps through the course. Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to do an on line course.
Louise B.
Good course content and easy to work through, qualification had run out during covid, so was pleased to find this so I could renew at a distance.
Beata C.
Very much recommended course for anybody who would like to know the most important facts about Health and Safety.Very nicely structured. I really enjoyed this course and I cannot wait for more to come.Thank you Intellelearn.
It is very beneficial course. i have learnt many aspect of health and safety through out the course, it covers risk assessments, fire safety, manual handling ect.
Paul G.
A good solid grounding in Health and Safety including an oversight of the legal background to the course. Easy to follow with language that can be understood rather than jargon. With a working knowledge of Health and Safety the course shouldn't cause any major worries to a student.
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