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Building your own Computer - CPD Accredited

Calling all tech aficionados, super users, and computer newbies! In our modern digital age, it's no longer considered "nerdy" to be fascinated by computers and technology. In fact, nerd culture is considered the height of cool, and techies are lauded and highly sought out for their knowledge and expertise.

We all use computers in some way, shape, or form, so why not become better acquainted with your computer? In this course, we'll peel back the layers and show you what's behind the scenes of your machine.

Learn how to build your own computer in this online course Learning how to build a computer not only gives you the steps to physically build a unit, but it will also give you a better understanding and appreciation for how your computer functions. We'll give you a crash course in computer lingo and explain all the terms you've always heard about RAM, CPU, Graphics Card, etc. and show you why they're important. We'll also advise you on the parts and accessories you should be using to get the most from your machine.

Whether you're dissatisfied with floor models and want to build a custom unit, or just want to know how your computer works, this course is perfect for the computer-curious individual who wants to learn more about their technology.

Suitability - Who should attend?

This course is for you if you:

  • Are in the market for a new computer and want to understand the nuances between brands and models to get more value for your spend
  • Enjoy electronics, gadgetry, building, and working with your hands
  • Want a custom computer to meet your specific user needs (i.e. gaming, digital art, etc. or if you suffer from impairment or disability, etc.)
  • Want more value for your spend (build a cheap gaming computer that has all the features you want!)
  • Are considering a career in the tech industry (i.e. network support, help desk, or computer repair)
  • Want to take your computer proficiency to the next level

Outcome / Qualification etc.

A pdf certificate is already included.
You can also get a hardcopy ICOES certificate for a small fee to cover printing and posting.

Training Course Content

In this course we will teach you:

  • The mechanics behind your computer screen how all the parts come together to make your computer work
  • An intro to operating systems and computer peripherals (keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.)
  • The components and parts inside AND outside a computer, and what function they service
  • A crash course in Motherboards, CPU, Memory, Storage and Graphics
  • How to select components and parts to meet your needs and budget
  • How to build your own computer, including tools, supplies, and safety tips
  • To test your new machine and get it ready to use

Whether you're already computer literate or are starting from scratch, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to better interact with, and make use of, your personal computer. Once you know how they work, it's easy to figure the rest out!

Course Breakdown:

Module 1: Say Hello To The Modern Computer

  • Evolution of the PC
  • What Makes a Computer Tick
  • Design Overview
  • Need vs. Want: Practical & Budget Considerations
  • Operating Systems
  • Peripherals

Module 2: The Component Challenge, Part 1

  • Quick Advice
  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Storage & Optical Drives
  • Graphics

Module 3: The Component Challenge, Part 2

  • Sound
  • WIFI and Bluetooth Adapters
  • Power Supply
  • Case
  • Cooling & Ventilation

Module 4: Let’s Build A Computer!

  • A Word on Safety
  • Tools, Location, and Comfort
  • Putting it all Together, Part 1
  • Putting it all Together, Part 2
  • Cable Management
  • Closing Up

Module 5: Getting Your Computer Ready For Action

  • Review of Our Computer Build
  • BIOS Updates
  • Installing an Operating System
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Downloading & Installing Updates
  • Happy Computer, Happy User


The cost of this course is  £129   £19 + VAT per participant.

PDF Certificate already Included in price.

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