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As the first Islamic Humanitarian training and research centre in the west, the Islamic Relief Academy was founded in 2013 and has risen to become an innovative "Centre of Excellence¨ within the Islamic Humanitarian sector.

Islamic Relief Academy aims to develop capacity and make a significant contribution to the humanitarian aid sector by supplying valuable Islamic perspectives on emergency relief and development.

With their team of experienced and specialised trainers, the academy offers a diverse range of training programmes centered on the principle message of ‘Acquiring Knowledge Through Learning and Sharing.’ 

Learning and Development

One of the primary ways Islamic Relief Academy maintains its commitment to broadening perspectives in humanitarian aid is by ensuring that all its learning and development services are available to humanitarian practitioners working in relief and development aid agencies. This enables them to contribute to the global capacity development in the humanitarian development sector.

Research and Development

IR Academy also carries out original research on humanitarian response and international development. With a significant in-house research capacity and strong collaborative research partnerships with other Faith-Based Organisations, universities and higher educational Institutions, they are able to generate the knowledge essential to bringing about change towards the eradication of extreme poverty and reduction of human suffering.

Academic Network

As of 2016, the Islamic Relief Academy had established links with 8 universities in the UK as well as internationally with MoUs signed with 5 of those institutions. Their network of experts includes 13 academic fellows and 22 post-graduate fellows and features a portfolio of 22 projects (17 completed and 6 of these published and publicly accessible).

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Islamic Relief Academy

22-24 Sampson Road North
B11 1BL Birmingham

Reviews by course attendees

Helen   |   26/01/2017
I had great fun on the course and learned a lot about management best practice, about myself and about my colleagues. I think this will help me to get the best out of my team and work more effectively with other managers.
Azma   |   25/01/2017
Can I take this opportunity to say thank you to both of you for such a worthwhile course. I wish I had taken this much sooner and I am already implementing some of my learning. The MDP was dynamic, fun and informative. I learnt so much about myself not just as a manager but on a personal level
Ahmed   |   24/01/2017
The course was a journey into self-discovery. It helped me to realise my strengths and areas of development. It also allowed me understand the delicate intricacies that is involved in managing others. Thank you, it was a great course and delivered immaculately.

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