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It's definitely increased my confidence, I used to be quiet and shy. Ever since doing this people treat you like an adult, they don't treat you like a child. It's really enjoyable and has been really rewarding.
I’ve been mentoring and coaching people for many years and I’ve created some of my own tools. But doing this qualification means that I can be more confident in what I’m doing. I’m really grateful to have this opportunity. I have been supported every step of the way and I’m finding that it’s not as difficult as I thought.
If you look at me now I would never have expected to have grown and developed so much. It's definitely changed a lot for me. As I've progressed on the apprenticeship, my confidence gets bigger, my work gets better, and I get more responsibilities. One key thing that my apprenticeship has given me is motivation and work ethic to continually progr...
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Iain could clearly see that lack of confidence was a big issue for me. He addressed this and made me see myself in a different light. I found one scorecard session very enlightening as he made me see all the skills and knowledge I had but did not realise I had them. From that session I feel because my confidence improved the standard of my assig...
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Kim the tutor was extremely knowledgeable and made the entire group feel individually special. She has been a fantastic supporter as well as training everyone and encouraging them to do their very best. Kim also promoted a friendly and welcoming environment where each individual felt safe and secure.
The apprenticeship has had a massive impact on my personal life. I feel so much more confident when talking to people, solving problems and taking the lead. It is a great learning experience, especially if you’re unsure about going to university.
The apprenticeship has helped me develop a deeper understanding of who I am, and why I love doing what I do. The impact has been an improvement in my confidence in the workplace. Understanding and developing my leadership skills and style has enabled me to really reflect on the impact I have within the leadership team, and the impact I have deve...
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My confidence has grown, that’s one of the most rewarding things. I have grown in my skills and I have become more fluent in my workflow, of how I compose, write things down and create things. It has been interesting learning things like sales flow, how people perceive social media, a person’s journey through seeing something online, looking at ...
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The Operations or Departmental Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship was a natural progression to improve my personal development and learn new things that will benefit both myself and my organisation in the work that I do. I would say that I have always been approachable in my role, but now I am able to self-reflect on my performance as a manager and ...
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The apprenticeship has given me more confidence and lots of self-belief. I wasn’t very confident previously so it has helped me to gain belief that I can take on new challenges and not be afraid. I like the skills and theory side of it, the structure and the progression routes. The fact that it is a recognised qualification as well is important.
The apprenticeship has had a positive impact on me professionally. It’s allowed me to develop and grow as a person, and upskill and increase knowledge as a manager and leader. I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship to others. It really does support all roles within organisation, but in particular if you are managing a team or being a le...
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I think it’s given me a bit of confidence boost. The apprenticeship validates what you’re doing in the workplace and you’re backing it up with known principles and ways of working – you’re not making it up as you go along, and you learn from others that know more than you do. If someone is thinking about getting higher qualifications and doesn’t...
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I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship. It’s perfect if you’re working in a role and want to gain knowledge and a qualification while you work. There are also routes that you can follow to progress into a teaching role in the future if that’s something you wanted to pursue. My tutor from Ixion is really supportive. She’s helped me by br...
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I wanted a course to help enhance my confidence when it came to communicating new ideas, coaching new staff members, running meetings and learning about how best to lead a team of people. The Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship was perfect for all those topics, plus an insight into areas such as finance, operational strategies and work...
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It has given me a lot more knowledge and I am confident I can apply this knowledge. I really enjoy being able to combine work and training.
I really enjoyed the course and my tutor Mark Longman was an excellent person, very present, trained and helpful.
I really am enjoying my time on the training so far, the preparations for the guided discussions have enabled me to think more deeply about what I do within my job role, how well I am working and how I can improve what I do to benefit myself, the team and my participants. The Cognassists have also been helpful for work and external charity work ...
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This qualification has expanded my knowledge within the industry and Beau would always help explain everything to the maximum to me. I can now use my knowledge in future plans and I am now qualified at A-Level or equivalent which makes me stand out to employers.
It has definitely had a positive impact on my confidence as it has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and passed barriers that I may not have done on my own. I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship as it has allowed me to become a part of a team and get experience I would not have gained if I had followed another route. The confidence ...
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I developed professionally in many ways during my apprenticeship, within my end-point assessment I developed further by gaining project management experience due to having to showcase this skill as well as team working. I also gained more involvement in planning and decision making from my project. Work shadowing played a crucial part of my prof...
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I’ve definitely matured in my role from doing the apprenticeship, it’s helped me understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. It’s been brilliant to have learnt so much and build my confidence. I honestly didn’t think I would learn as much I have so I would definitely recommend it.
Everything was helpful as I would always refer back to my work, checking if I was doing something right, plus I could refer back to assignments and get advice from my tutor. The medication unit, that really helped – there was so much detail in the unit. Where before I was getting confused, everything was suddenly much clearer and I was really ab...
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From start to finish, I cannot fault my apprenticeship experience with Ixion. Gaining a distinction was the best feeling, hard work truly does pay off. The support I received throughout was really great and my assessor was a fountain of knowledge and so supportive. I’m so happy with the whole experience and would do it again in a heartbeat.
I feel I couldn’t ask for anymore from my tutor, the support has been amazing. In each session I have with my tutor it both reinforces and enhances the work I’m already doing. I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to do it and my skills and knowledge have definitely improved.
It’s definitely made me more useful – I feel more useful. I have the confidence now that if someone asks me something I feel I am capable enough to do it. It’s a really interesting course and I’ve learnt a lot.
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