Course participant reviews for The Senior Management Programme

Average rating 4.9

Based on 32 reviews.

BJ, Technical Manager
It has really been an eye opener for me to see methodical approaches to common management problems and the way to solve them. The course has given me the opportunity to do a review of myself in all aspects of my management capability. Knowing there are scientific ways to address problems is really good.
PJ, Managing Director
Practical, informative, knowledgeable. All topics were explained in 'real life' scenarios, discussed and debated. Great opportunity for group participation with practical resolution using some great tools! I am leaving the course in a far better position than I joined it - with the tools and knowledge to lead.
GT, Business Unit Manager
The best training I've done to date. The simple things will make the biggest impact when implemented. Good for the business and my personal development. Everything we covered had a start, middle and end and all seemed to apply to my situation. Five stars.
CP, Head of Procurement, Optimum Procurement.
Very informative, covered many strategic areas, all of which are relevant to my current position and future development areas. Small enough to discuss real-life issues, ideas etc. which encourages further action when returning to work
JL, IT Manager, Lighthouse Display International.
Great set of tools to be used now every day. Communicated in a fun and meaningful way (that will stick with me for a long time).
JW, Head of Business Development, Cosworth.
I have learned so much from within, whilst learning new tools and methods I have not really come across before. The upshot is that I feel able to 'knit together' these new found tools that will help me accelerate my career
HR, QHSE Manager, AmSafe.
Really interactive, small mixed industry group and an enthusiastic trainer with lots of examples. Willing to include our examples and assist with our issues. Tools described are simple but can be easily applied - I intend to!
OB, Private Banker, C. Hoare & Co.
Excellent. Engaging, lots of practical techniques to take away. Interesting delegates, very well taught. Angela had a wealth of knowledge
WS, Accreditation Manager, UCAS.
Covered all of the necessary areas I felt I needed. Pace, depth and breadth was completely appropriate. Time to talk and share experiences - both vital and not stifled which was appreciated. Enthusiastic, knowledegable and competent trainer - was a joy
JC, Business Value Assessment Manager, Information Builders.
Lots of interaction and brainstorming, sharing of ideas & experiences. Great references. Very attentive, personable trainer! Great examples. Very nice group of people
SF, Head of Key Accounts, Ford and Stanley.
The content, the pace and delivery of the course was superb. Angela was able to ask us specific questions, listen to our responses and give meaningful feedback and advice
IB, Head of IT, Mitsubishi Electric.
This course covered so many of the areas I needed to address within my department, but also uncovered a host of tools and strategies I can employ to not only make me a better 'Senior Manager' but also make my department more successful
MC, Director, Clinical Trial Consulting.
Many appropriate topics covered in good time. Other delegates encouraged to contribute and a good balance between theory, practical examples and participation
MR, National Sales Manager, Valspar Automotive.
Excellent. I came with high expectations wanting to learn and understand many of the techniques that can be used by me in the business. The techniques and ideas are brilliant and will form a strong part of my plans
SR, Divisional Manager, Fujikura.
Very well paced. Angela was a great & inspirational tutor who also brought out great suggestions from other attendees. Excellent course
DR, Principal Consultant, ARC Ltd.
Excellent. Exceeded my expectations. Provided many useful tools which I will use and helped focus my tasks for the new office
BC, Accreditation Manager, UKAS.
I expected the programme to re-affirm what I'm doing and also provide alternative ways of looking at things. It has done this but given me a range of alternative tools that were completely unknown to me. I feel motivated and energised
DH, Head of IT, SPP Pumps Ltd.
Met all of my objectives for the course, very enjoyable with a knowledgeable trainer. Came away with lots of improvement ideas
YC, Associate Director, Van Walt Ltd.
I have taken away so many tools and good practices that will be enormously useful for the future, throughout the whole business
LM, Production Manager, SPP Pumps.
Angela was absolutely excellent. The pace was spot on, it covered everything I had hoped and the group number was perfect
BC - UK and Ireland Sales Manager, Abet
Angela was an excellent trainer! She took the time to explain how a lot of the principals work in an everyday work situation and made things a lot easier to remember... I felt engaged at all times of the training.
SB - Director of Ops and UW, Touchstone
I feared that I would leave the course with a ton of actions and no time to effect any of them. Instead I leave armed to address my challenges with tools and a structured way to resolve my needs and build a better team and business.
IB - Head of IT, Mitsubishi Electric
This course has covered so many of the areas I need to address within my department but also uncovered a host of tools and strategies I can employ to make me not only a better 'senior manager' but also to make my department more successful.
SH - Director, PTSG Ltd
The enthusiasm Angela has is fantastic, and kept the group interested and alert for the whole three days. Highly recommended.
LP - Head of Products, Peekaboo Investments
Angela has been a great leader throught these three days of training... I'm heading back to my job with confidence in the fact that what I've learnt will make me better at it.
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