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Leadership in Action Ltd - People and Organisational Leadership & Management Development Training for Managers & Organisations

Leadership in Action Ltd is not just another training provider.

Much more than that, Leadership in Action Ltd acts as your organisation's Strategic Business Partner, delivering a range of leadership and management development programmes that help your managers grow and produce measurable business results. With a focus on practical skills, all of their courses are designed to equip managers with the tools they need to enhance performance in real working environments, achieving success both for themselves and for their organisations.
In practice, this translates into a commitment to helping businesses:

  • foster motivation & engagement among managers and leaders
  • give line managers effective coaching skills
  • increase retention levels and reduce recruitment costs
  • recognise and develop talent in support of succession planning
  • provide enhanced corporate recognition & reputation with accredited training
  • boost performance & achieve key business objectives

How does knowledge get transformed into action?

With an expanding offer of programmes, Leadership in Action Ltd supports managers, leaders and organisations achieve their objectives via a range of learning solutions including in-company training, executive 1:1 coaching and a newly introduced portfolio of open programmes. The former allows for specific company values to be considered and taken full advantage of to achieve key learning objectives, and can be supported with individual coaching to support managers and senior managers in their pursuit of strategic company objectives. At the same time, their open courses give professionals the opportunity to share knowledge with their peers, gaining key insights into management best practice across different sectors and creating valuable networking opportunities.

The common denominator? A focus on professional development that improves skills, creates better managers and results in enhanced business performance: a guaranteed return on investment.

Leadership in Action Apprenticeships 

Leadership in Action Ltd is passionate about developing people to make a real difference in their organisation.

They pride othemselves on not just being another training provider, they operate as a strategic business partner. Working collaboratively with organisations/apprentices their focus is ensuring apprentices apply learning, develop themselves and ensure their organisation achieves it's business/strategic objectives. They recognise the importance of investing time to understand the challenges organisations/apprentices face and how together they can drive change, improve performance and achieve results.

When an organisation puts learning at the heart of its business strategy it makes a long term investment in its most valuable asset - it's people!

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