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I had a fantastic time on my journey through the programme, learning what it really means to be productive and being able to apply some simple yet powerful tools to my job which had led to me saving about 30 hours a month of time, which I can now put towards more meaningful and fulfilling work. Not only this, I also have a fantastic productivity...
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Richard H.
I found the course very useful and beneficial - would highly recommend.
Jack P.
I recently was involved in the online workshop, Introduced by Steve G. I found the experience extremely valuable and I've come back to leave a review based upon many of the practices I learned in the workshop, which I have now integrated into my everyday life. I cannot recommend this enough, some of the information reaffirms certain things you m...
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James J.
A must for everyone. This course provides the tools and know how to be truly productive. Whether a leader or not...you will be able to take on the knowledge to succeed by using the excellent material provided and adopting the right attitudes. Along with the exceptional facilitation by the LMI team, the EPP programme will support you to apply y...
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Carl Smith
I was invited by Mark Tonks and felt the 2 hours spent was a really productive use of time and has got me thinking differently already. Plenty of take away actions. I would certainly recommend this session for any companies that are growing and the business owner(s) are starting to feel overwhelmed and overworked. Thumbs up
Lisa G.
Thanks to Nick & Steve for a brilliant session, came away energised and reset with loads of really useful techniques to implement to work smarter!
Tracy Webb
A well structured, thought-provoking session, delivered at an ideal pace and structure. I believe that I've equipped myself with some good behaviours to be efficient - this reinforced these and importantly helped me identify improvements and tools that will help me work effectively across time zones and with wider teams.
Jamie Milligan
I was involved in this course as 3 of my sixth year (17 years old) students participated in Nov 2020-March 2021. I have been able to view the resources and also attended their course graduation which took place online and allowed them to discuss their involvement in the programme and what had personally gained as a result of taking part. All 3 ...
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It was a good experience and helped me to build on my confidence as well as becoming more positive with my thoughts and actions.
Gary Kernahan
An excellent course packed full of tangible tools and practical advice which have made a massive impact.
Shengnan Qiao
It was a really engaging and interactive session. I was so fired up by the course I woke up an hour earlier the next morning, thinking about the changes that I could be making from now onwards!
Pam Molyneux
Great atmosphere with a mix of theory and putting into practice all in 2 hours. So many take aways to implement and a fantastic opportunity for an insight to the LIMI offering - thank you
Chris Binneman
The course gives a clear outline to prospective clients the methods used in the LMI programs. The tasks performed during the workshop further reinforce the LMI methods.
Gordon Bennie
In spite of being late to arrive on the interactive webinar, I did take some really useful thoughts from the 2 hour session. My main takeaway was about being more organised so I could manage my day better.
Pipster Davis
Really enjoyed this course as it was really practical. I learned some really effective ways to manage time, especially in this new world that has evolved over the last year. Thanks Nick and Steve, it was definitely worth make this time to attend this, even tho it was a Friday night (my time) during the CNY holiday period!
Alan Isaacs
Great course and awareness well grounded in leadership. Contemporary and thanks to the course leaders and moderators the session addressed some interesting aspects of leadership in personal productivity, strategic leadership, personal leadership and motivational leadership.
Gill Hynes
Thank you Nick & Steve - I found your taster course this week really focused and full of pointers and tips that I know I can take away and start using straightway to improve my productivity. I liked the interactive style of the session and found it useful to hear from the other participants about their challenges and experiences.
Brendan Leece
Taking two additional hours to go on zoom seems like a big ask and I almost cancelled with just a few days to go - how glad I am that I didn't. It was easily the best training I have been on all year. It was packed with information that can be implemented immediately to make a difference to quality and life productivity. I can't recommend this h...
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Shirley Kliszewicz
It was incredibly valuable session, very well structured and gave a lot of insight to my personal management.
Michael Johnson
The LMI Foundations of Success course was excellent. As well as providing a solid foundation of the principles, I've come away with a number of practical approaches to improve productivity which I'm already applying successfully.
Camilla Honey
Brilliant session - I was gripped every minute by the content which was both big picture and granular. It is totally applicable to each individual situation and can be put in place straight away. Equally can go much deeper over time to really bed in the changes. I thoroughly enjoyed it too. Thanks for bringing it to us.
Tom Clark
Great session presenting a broad toolkit of techniques to help you manage your time. Highly recommended!
Joe Clift
Very good and well-paced intro to the foundations by Nick and Steve - some excellent principles, frameworks, and outline tools to take away and use. I enjoyed it too!
Suzanne Lewis
I have attended numerous course on leadership and I only believe it is time well spent if, I am left with a desire to change and clear ideas as to how I can achieve it. I am delighted to say that this session not only re-ignited my enthusiasm for positive change. But, by looking at concepts and tools through a fresh lens, I have some nice quick ...
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Silje Erlandsen
This course gives you so much it is hard to know how to write a review worthy of the impact it has. It really helped me understand myself better, embrace goal setting and find what my motivation is. It also has some great practical tools to help you work smarter. The group discussions and feedback was also a great way of learning from each other...
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