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Silje Erlandsen
This course gives you so much it is hard to know how to write a review worthy of the impact it has. It really helped me understand myself better, embrace goal setting and find what my motivation is. It also has some great practical tools to help you work smarter. The group discussions and feedback was also a great way of learning from each other...
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Great programme. Really thought provoking whilst helping me create a clear purpose and plan for moving ahead. Gives you lots of practical methods and tools to help your thinking. It was also great to do it as part of a group to bounce ideas and thoughts around.
Alex M.
The LMI Personal Leadership Program offered great insight into my own management style, aligned with recognised, successful methods. The coach facilitated some fantastic, thought-provoking debate and allowed me to deliver the same with my team, ensuring the benefits were shared. Highly enjoyable, highly recommended.
Spencer T.
Having now completed the Effective Personal Leadership program I am firming back in the driving seat with clear goals and objectives in front of me. I set out the most important goals and achieved a massive amount within a short period. I believe this has made me a more effective leader and as I continue to use the program it will only get bette...
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Pavel M.
This was an amazing experience. Although just initial piece of training, it gave me a lot of insight to my personal management
Gill H.
The course surprised me with it's global impact on my life. It has helped my confidence and to clarify my purpose and achieve new and important goals.
Darren C.
The LMI Foundations of Success workshop contains essential techniques to improve individual and team effectiveness. It links delivering organisational goals with daily planning and improving the use of team member time. I would not hesitate in recommending this to employers and employees at all levels, as an impactful starting place to improve r...
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Jane L.
So helpful. An amazing amount of useful tips delivered in such a short time.
Mick C.
Life changing; both work and personal. Completely life changing! Thought I would hate it but it was brilliant.
Amber-Rose C.
It definitely had an impact! I wasn't setting life goals or professional goals - I am now and it has really helped me.
Rebecca D.
I'm usually a bit of a cynic about these things so was probably harder to convince than most. However, it was hugely practical and worthwhile. I consider myself to be very organised yet the tools shared have noticeably improved my efficiency and made me more focussed on my business goals. No hesitation in recommending.
Robert D.
Our team has just completed the productivity course, and I must say what a breath of fresh air. I can recommend this to anyone who would like to be more productive in both Business and personal life, it really does make a difference!
Ian O.
A practical toolkit to manage time effectively… some great tips on practical goal setting and several good ideas and principals to put into practice straight away. Would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who’s wondering where time disappears to and how to achieve more in their life.
Cathy B.
I found the ideas shared, as well as the practical planning tools supplied, to be of immense value. My time has become significantly more organised and productive and I can see great value in enrolling others within our company on this same training
Chris W.
i found this course to be very insightful, containing lots of useful and very appropriate tips. The follow-up was good as well
Ryan C.
I came out inspired and energised, ready to make changes to the way I work. By using some of his tips and insights, I've been able to effectively use them in my own role. Also, being able to implement certain aspects with my team. I would recommend people go on Nick's workshop's, you really will change your mindset. The best thing is he doesn't ...
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Gemma B.
I am thoroughly impressed with the course and have already implemented many changes to my working style and my methods which have made me so much more productive. I like the presentation style - very relaxed but informative and certainly eye opening to the pitfalls you fall in to! I would recommend this course to everyone.
Zamurad H.
Our Sales Manager was the first to go on this programme and he immediately made some changes which led to significant improvements in performance of the sales team. Since then, myself and five others from HBT have enrolled on this course. The programme has helped us prioritise, improve internal communications and has helped me to delegate more e...
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Jez Currin
By far the best I have been on. It's pragmatic approach is perfect for a training sceptic like myself and the tangible increase in productivity I experienced across all areas of life from week one was incredible. I would recommend the training without hesitation to all who are serious about becoming a more effective leader.
Andrew Hulley
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is in leadership and faces the ongoing issues of prioritising the range of demands they are faced with daily and are seeking to develop others to work with them in seeing their dream become a reality.
Rebecca F.
I had not anticipated that I would develop skills in all areas of personal management. It is the little things that make a lot of difference, it is amazing how much more productive you can be by making minor alterations in a lot of areas. I can 100% recommend this LMI programme.
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