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1-3 Days
995 GBP excl. VAT
Full time
Professional Training
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995 GBP
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995 GBP
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Course description

Rhino Bespoke One-to-One Course

At London Software Training, we would like to reassure you that we will continue to provide the same exceptional training and support to you. Given the current climate our courses will run as Live Online Training, that you can study from home or work.

The Live Online Training enables:

  • You to see the Lecturers live screen - guiding you step by step

  • Ability to share your live screen with the Lecturer - offering immediate help & feedback

  • You will be able to speak with each other, as you would in a classroom setting

  • Equally effective to in-person training, as Lecturer can help you instantaneously

We will provide a link to download the free software trial 2 days before your training (trials are free for 30 days). Closer to your training, we will send a link to join the online training.

Who is this Course for?

The Course is perfect for those looking to master Rhino3D for their career, business or university. The one-to-one training allows for a bespoke program, whilst working on your projects.


After a brief introduction, the following concepts will be covered:

  • Get acquainted with the Rhino screen and menus
  • Navigate around the Rhino model
  • Create 2-D lines, polylines, and NURBS curves
  • Modelling set-up and mode functions: snap, ortho and planar constraints
  • Object snaps and Smart Track
  • Fast 3-D solids and surfaces
  • The Rhino layering system
  • Precision Modelling Use co-ordinates and constraints to model easily and accurately. Move off the x-y plane and use viewports to establish the current construction plane. Draw polygons and ellipses. Draw free-form curves and compare interpolated and control points curve.
  • Draw with absolute, relative rectangular, and polar co-ordinates
  • Distance and angle constraints
  • Viewports and construction planes
  • Model in 3-D space
  • Elevator mode
  • Rectangle command and its options
  • Point selection with object snaps
  • Analysis commands: length, distance, angle, radius
  • Draw circles and arcs
  • Draw ellipses and polygon curves
  • Rhino render and render colour
  • Model free-form curves
  • Create helix and spiral curves

Followed by more on Curves, Display, and Editing Discover display commands used to view different parts of the model. Use edit commands to produce complex and detailed variations on the curves. Loft and extrude curves into surfaces and solids.

  • Pan, zoom and reset model views
  • Edit curves with fillet and chamfer
  • Loft and extrude curves
  • History
  • General editing: move, copy, rotate, mirror, scale
  • Array polar and rectangular
  • Boolean union, difference, and intersection
  • Offset curves and surfaces
  • Trim and split for curves and surfaces
  • Extend and extend to surface

Intermediate Edit and Surfacing Commands Learn additional editing commands and use them to build practice models. Reinforce concepts of model set-up and drawing accurate 2-D geometry to build precision 3-D shapes.

  • Introduction to NURBS modelling concepts and terminology
  • Free-form curves Control point editing of curves and surfaces
  • Rebuild curves and surfaces
  • Use the nudge modelling aid
  • Create deformable shapes
  • Curve creation through projection
  • Split surfaces with curves and surfaces
  • Blend between two surfaces
  • Symmetry Tool
  • Lighting and rendering
  • Make 2D drawings from 3D Objects
  • Page Layouts


  • Set-up the hammer model
  • Create the hammer construction lines with precision
  • Build the hammer surfaces
  • Render the hammer
  • Set-up the bottle model
  • Create the bottle construction lines with precision
  • Build the bottle surfaces
  • Add the threads
  • Render the bottle
  • Import and export models
  • Generate 2-D drawings from 3-D model and export
  • Print wire-frame views of the model
  • Edit and create new toolbars and tool buttons for rhino

Our course prices include

  • Expert teaching from practicing architects and designers
  • Hands-on, practical lessons
  • Tailoring of syllabus
  • Work on your projects
  • Bespoke video tutorials to take home
  • Digital reference book for revision
  • LST certificate of completion

Outcome / Qualification etc.

Certificate of Attendance

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