The Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses

The Sunflower Effect is a proven confidence-building system based in an adapted form of drama, that has been transforming the lives of quiet, reserved and introverted people since 1997.  It was developed by Claire Schrader, the UK's leading confidence expert in the area of shyness, social anxiety and self-consciousness.

Say goodbye to inhibitions, self-consciousness and develop a natural and authentic self-confidence the fast, fun and easier way. You will discover that it is not just the outgoing, go-getting, socialites that get along in this world.

There is a very high success rate from the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses i.e. overcoming anxiety, speaking up in groups, socialising, networking or advancing your career prospects. And a 100% money-back guarantee (conditions apply).

Connect with others who are experiencing the same issues: shyness, self-consciousness, fear of speaking in groups, social anxiety, and other confidence issues.

Unlike other confidence-building courses that teach you a series of techniques that you will quickly forget, the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses work in a unique way. They work through an adapted form of drama that enables you to work from the inside to shift habitual behaviours and mindset.

Currently, all in-person courses take place in Central London.

But the effects can just as powerful through the Sunflower Effect online courses and individual sessions. All online courses are on Zoom which means that you will be meeting online with Claire Schrader and other participants in a private interface through the Zoom platform.

About Claire Schrader

Claire Schrader has developed one of the fastest ways for quieter people to break out of their shell and develop an effortless self-confidence through her confidence-building system, the Sunflower Effect.

She started out in life as a shy introvert until she discovered the way out through drama, theatre and improvisation. 

She creates a very safe place for her students to break out of their shell at their own pace and in their own way.

She has been featured on Sky TV and BBC Radio World Services.

In 2021 she launched the first Sunflower Effect Confidence Course Leader Training and so we will have more facilitators offering courses. Please get in touch about the next Confidence Course Leader Training.

COVID-19 - flexible booking conditions

The Sunflower Effect live courses resumed in September 2020. We also are regularly offering a daytime courses on zoom each booking period, for those who prefer to attend online.

We offer flexible booking conditions for all our courses. There is free re-booking/transfer if you are unable to attend due to COVID-19 - and the courses may move online if it is no longer possible to meet in person.

You will find full details on our website. We will be updating this as the situation changes.

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Types of Courses Offered

Making Moves Confidence courses are specifically designed for quiet, reserved, shy or introverted people who feel sidelined by the highly competitive world we live in which rewards extraverted skills and personalities.

The courses are designed for you if you:

  • want to improve your career prospects
  • want to communicate better at work
  • want to feel more comfortable in the spotlight and in making presentations
  • want to be more of a social success
  • want to overcome shyness
  • want to get out of negative mindsets
  • want to overcome setbacks to your confidence
  • know you've got some emotional blockages that are holding you back
  • other approaches haven't worked


Professional Training
Business & Management
Conflict Management Length Price Location Reviews
Stand Up for Yourself (Communication skills and assertiveness) 12 weeks From 330 GBP Multiple (2)
5.0 (6)
Communications & Media
Communication Skills
Finding Your Voice (Confidence, Public Speaking) 12 weeks From 330 GBP Multiple (3)
4.9 (14)
Speak with Charisma (public speaking) 12 weeks From 345 GBP Multiple (3)
5.0 (2)
Functional Skills
Business Skills
Breakthrough Confidence Course - overcome shyness and social anxiety 12 weeks From 345 GBP Multiple (2)
4.9 (16)
Express Yourself Confidence Workshop - overcome shyness and inhibitions 1 day From 95 GBP London
4.9 (8)
I Don't Know What to Say! - Improvisation for Social Confidence 12 weeks From 285 GBP Multiple (3)
5.0 (5)
Introductory Confidence Building Evening for quiet, shy and introverted people 2 hours From 15 GBP London
4.8 (5)

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Why choose Making Moves Sunflower Confidence Courses

The Sunflower Effect confidence building system works on the principle that the thing that poses the deepest challenge for most quiet and reserved people - doing drama, being in the spotlight - is the thing that will liberate you from the internal restrictions that are holding you back.

The courses provide a safe environment in which you will gradually expand your comfort zone so that you will find yourself easily accomplishing the things that used to be challenging for you i.e. speaking in front of groups, socialising, networking, holding your own with dominant personalities, delivering presentations or advancing your career prospects.


Average rating 4.9

Based on 61 reviews.

Any nerves I felt were quickly dispelled as Claire creates a very safe, and fun space for everyone, no matter how shy you might feel. I loved the exercises and I loved Claire's upbeat positive belief in the power of these practices to break down inhibitions. I left feeling like my world had just expanded and keen to do more.
I really enjoyed Claire's 1 day, Express Yourself workshop. By bringing together a disparate range of people and giving practical steps and exercises to overcome social anxiety, over thinking etc. she has created an environment were you can change your outlook and make steps to a more confident life. A very practical way to build more self confi...
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I attended the 'Find your voice' course on zoom in order to gain some tools in overcoming my anxieties at work meetings and speaking with conviction. The various exercises introduced (which were effectively delivered online), in addition to feedback received from Claire and the other group members really helped to increase my confidence, re-fra...
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