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Any nerves I felt were quickly dispelled as Claire creates a very safe, and fun space for everyone, no matter how shy you might feel. I loved the exercises and I loved Claire's upbeat positive belief in the power of these practices to break down inhibitions. I left feeling like my world had just expanded and keen to do more.
I really enjoyed Claire's 1 day, Express Yourself workshop. By bringing together a disparate range of people and giving practical steps and exercises to overcome social anxiety, over thinking etc. she has created an environment were you can change your outlook and make steps to a more confident life. A very practical way to build more self confi...
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I attended the 'Find your voice' course on zoom in order to gain some tools in overcoming my anxieties at work meetings and speaking with conviction. The various exercises introduced (which were effectively delivered online), in addition to feedback received from Claire and the other group members really helped to increase my confidence, re-fra...
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This course works on two levels - being part of a group and participating in the improvisations. Both were valuable. My confidence in the group started out shakily but Claire's assured holding of the group helped us to gel and support each other to take risks with the improvisations, which I found freeing, creative and really enjoyed. This cours...
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For me it sounded like the best course for me and after looking online and then speaking with Claire who confirmed for my issues I would benefit from doing the course, and she was right. Not only was I forced to face my issues, this was done in confidence, in a fun way, with new found friends in a very supportive and non judgemental environment....
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The charisma course was a lot of fun and the environment and other people I met on the course was really supportive and encouraging. The exercises carried out are unique something you can repeat by yourself to continue the work of the course. It has definitely made me feel more confidence speaking in front of people. Thank you once again for suc...
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Going on Claire’s course was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I feel happier in myself and am really proud of what I achieved.
This was a great taster for understanding Claire's approach to helping people build confidence. It was very enjoyable and the exercises have given me a good feel for how this approach might work. It was fun and not scary (despite my initial nerves) and it was lovely to take part with others with similar experiences and goals. I've signed up for ...
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Feeling more confident after just the introductory evening. The activities were varied, interesting and fun and I left feeling more upbeat and stronger. There is definitely a power to this group work. Claire made it clear that there is no pressure to do anything you don't won't to do.
I had such a good experience with this course!! When I stumbled upon Claire's website, it was as if she was speaking directly to me, I so strongly related to everything. I read a section of her book as well, and again it felt as if she knew EXACTLY how I felt. I am located in the U.S. so if there was a single good thing about the covid/lockdown ...
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Claire is incredibly generous, perceptive and brought the group together. The workshop was fun and powerful. It was the first time in a long time where I played and it felt really important. Thank you.
I have been working my way through many of the Making Moves courses since 2014, from the Express Yourself Workshop, on to the Breakthrough course and then just recently completed Finding Your Voice. I've already signed up for I Don't Know What to Say. That commitment is surely a glowing testimonial in itself! In some ways I wish I had a kind of ...
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Katie Jones
The course was a great experience as it gave me a safe space each week to really connect with other people on the course and grow in confidence together. There was a variety of drama activities, exercises, role play and group work that I haven't come across before and without this course wouldn't have experienced. I enjoyed it so much I have boo...
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After completing the Breakthrough course with Claire, I can say that I feel like a different person, for the better. The group were/are a fantastic bunch of people and I felt like I was in the perfect environment to confront my shyness/nervousness/self consciousness. Thank you Claire for a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to taking a...
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What led me to doing the course was feeling fed up of getting so nervous everytime I have to public speak, whether that’s a presentation at work or in a group of people socially. Claire’s course equips you with strategies to help overcome and understand how to handle that anxiety/ nervousness. I know I will still get nervous in some situations b...
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I signed up to the Dealing with Difficult People course as I've always had trouble dealing with difficult personality types, especially at work. I have done other courses with Claire and I like the safe and comfortable atmosphere she creates. The course explored the main difficult personality types and what motivates people to behave that way....
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C Sage
Thank you for such an incredible day yesterday. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me learn to be in that moment of panic and allow it happen and go with it. I am still laughing at how at 10.30am I wanted to flee from the room then by 5pm I was the main character in the final scene! It was exhilarating, petrifying and a lot of...
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It was a fun and useful workshop that was an excellent way to practice socializing and speaking in public in a very safe supportive setting. We were a total of eight participants. We were pretty quiet and reserved at the beginning the day, but we really had fun together and everyone opened up so much as the day went on. After the workshop, I fee...
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I choose this course on Clare’s recommendation having talked to her briefly on the phone and explained my situation. The course moves at a good pace, with enough time at the start to get settled and talk to everyone. The exercises are challenging and push you outside of your comfort zone but I found the environment to be very supportive and Cl...
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M O'Donnell
I have done several of Claire’s courses over the last few years, starting with “Finding Your Voice”. Part of my reason for going on “Finding Your Voice” was to start feeling more confident when I deal with people that are very different to me or challenging in some way. I had a big shift in my inner confidence from that course, so when Claire ra...
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After being to the breakthrough plus course a few years ago, I was a little apprehensive about coming back but from the moment it started I feel very happy to be back, it is sometimes very isolating feeling you are the only one who has trouble opening up and feeling confident, but in this very safe environment you instantly feel bravery that you...
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I've suffered from social anxiety and shyness since as long as I can remember (I'm now 39). I'm very self conscious and will do anything to avoid speaking in groups and speaking up. I've had one introductory session with Claire and I feel different, I've been buzzing since I left the class and I'm so glad I went (although I did walk past the doo...
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The two hour taster session was well worth attending and I found it to be extremely useful in itself for improving my confidence and allowing me to be more self expressive and uninhibited. It also really demonstrated to me how the method works and just how safe and encouraging the group made me feel. It definitely left me feeling confident and m...
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Claire is a great teacher and is very patient and understanding towards all the attendees. She helped me to improve my confidence when speaking in a group. I would highly recommend her courses to others who are interested in self improvement.
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