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Very good experience, fun, relaxed and helps you to become more expressive and being in front of people
I signed up for "Dealing with Difficult People" because I was confronted with a challenging situation in my personal life. I felt attacked, blamed and accused without any reason. I felt these people just did not listen to me or understand me and whatever I would do, they would keep blaming me. All my attempts to communicate in a peaceful way fai...
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I signed up to the Dealing with Difficult People course as I've always had trouble dealing with difficult personality types, especially at work. I have done other courses with Claire and I like the safe and comfortable atmosphere she creates. The course explored the main difficult personality types and what motivates people to behave that way. I...
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I've always known that I suffered from low self-esteem and confidence. I came to the conclusion that it was how I was made and there was nothing that could change that. When I came across this course, I was sort of coming out of one my bouts of depression. I had nothing to loose, so I knew I had to do something drastic, terrifying and different ...
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I absolutely didn't believe that how my confidence is changed now in compare with before I got involved in this course. It gave me alot of confidence and I'm so excited that I will continue to do more , thank you Claire for helping me. I hope i will see you again. For those who out there need to improve their confidence this course is absolutel...
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That overwhelming feeling of being fed up of being the quiet one and not being able to express myself and almost feeling like a fraud when I'm shy with people I don't know well. Is why I began my journey with Claire. It now feels like I'm constantly stretching my confidence like you would do if you were overweight and needed to go to the gym. We...
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When I joined the course, the phrase "I don't know what to say" was all consuming. Speaking at work and even with friends, I was so worried about myself and saying the wrong things that I became the mouthpiece to the nightmare in my head. The first few weeks were challenging and I gave into my own self-consciousness a number of times, but Claire...
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Amazing insight to the various personalities people have. Also seeing the intend that drives peoples behaviour. What I learn is that I am also a difficult person, what shift for me is that the quality of the relationship I have is my responsibility so really I have to take ownership. Amazing insight to the various personalities people have. A...
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A. Arthur
After spending my life as a shy introvert I finally reached the point of wanting to change, wanting to be more comfortable with who I am as a person and being able to speak out/feel more comfortable in situations I would actively shy away from. I found this course online and it stood out from the more corporate "this is how you speak in front of...
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The supportive environment and the safe haven created for the course by Claire was fantastic. I have been helped to make huge steps towards becoming the person I want to be - and to be happy and excited for life once again. Bring on the next course :)
My life has changed in that I no longer have panic attacks which I used to have almost on a daily basis!
The course really worked in building confidence and reducing nerves. It is more effective than any other course I have tried. May not suit everyone but I think that it would work for most of the committed to the course.
It is the first course which has given me the starting point for overcoming my fear of presentations
Learning about the different character types and role play of the individual difficult scenarios is a very quick way of learning something that can take a lifetime.
I had been suffering from social anxiety from a very young age. I had tried CBT, Anger management therapy, Hypnotherapy, Past life regression therapy and went to see many psychologists but nothing really helped me. All I gained is an understanding of where my anxiety stems from and what causes it. In fact I would feel even more sad and disappoi...
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I had been struggling with social anxiety and specifically blushing and the fear of blushing in public/social situations to the extent that it was affecting my ability to socialise and fulfil my real potential in many aspects of my life. I was concerned that I may not be the ‘typical’ participant the course would not work for my issue and this w...
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Really enjoyed the course, I did other public speaking courses, but found this one most helpful as we did a lot of various exercises and everyone in the group had lots of opportunities to perform and practice in front of the group. Claire managed to create very supporting and open atmosphere, sessions were very fun and interactive. Learned a lot...
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This was my second course with making moves. Really enjoyed it, lots of fun exercises and great atmosphere. Structure of the course allowed to progress gradually and achieve great results at the end effortless. We were all amused at how we managed to develop ability to be spontaneous and confident in improvising in front of the group. Highly rec...
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I wanted to participate to the breakthrough group to challenge myself and get rid of my shyness which was taking over my life. At first, I didn’t think it would work for me because I have too deep shyness. I really enjoyed the different exercises in the first part of the course – working with the story, the ability to enter and become one of ...
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Excellent value for money. One, it worked, and two so many other therapies are way more expensive and haven’t worked. I have been a depressive all my life. As a chronic depressive – the depression was of a low but pretty constant degree – I went undiagnosed for years. So for years I had no understanding of what was wrong with me. I never fit in...
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Attending a course like this can seem daunting but I, along with everyone else, was made to feel at ease almost immediately and after a few hours I was as comfortable with everyone there as I am with most friends. We all dug in very deep, with everyone eventually opening themselves in ways you won't have done at any other time in your life. Noth...
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I signed up for Claire’s course as I’d become acutely aware that events in my past were really affecting my present, weighing me down and impeding my progress on all the great things I wanted to do. I’m a very positive person and happy with my choices in life but this negative and painful past was ever-present. Like dragging around a massive bal...
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Liz G
Before the group started I was very anxious. I was wrestling with the desire to stay safe and invisible vs the desire to break out and start making some noise and fully participate in life in a more authentic way. I was concerned the other participants would all be a lot younger than me and I'd end up feeling worse than before! (They were all a ...
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