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Liz G
Before the group started I was very anxious. I was wrestling with the desire to stay safe and invisible vs the desire to break out and start making some noise and fully participate in life in a more authentic way. I was concerned the other participants would all be a lot younger than me and I'd end up feeling worse than before! (They were all a ...
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I did the 1 day express yourself workshop and can happily say that it was one of the most fun and liberating experiences that I have ever come across. Claire is very accommodating and encouraging and this helped everyone to relax and flow. The workshop was a fun and explorative process that brings out various facets of ones personality. I bel...
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A great course that enabled me to feel comfortable enough to step out of my comfort zone and let my hair down, which was what I wanted. It's unique as far as I'm aware for using drama as a therapeutic tool. I'm keen to do more of your courses, as soon as I find work, I'll know where I'm located and what's feasible. At the moment, I'm searching...
Excellent course to increase your confidence and manage nerves in any public speaking situation I decided enough was enough and I wanted to get over this fear of public speaking. I was offered a new job that would involve making presentations and chairing meetings. This is something I had always wanted to do but this hidden fear held me back. On...
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The Breakthrough Group was a great help to me in moving myself through a failure of confidence. The developing support of the group was invaluable: we witnessed each other engaging with the personal challenges that we had embraced. It was a serious commitment but an experience full of laughter and delight: working with spontaneity is enlivening....
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The thought of improvisation can be both attractive and scary. For those who want to feel more confident in whatever way, doing one of these courses is a brilliant way to achieve a feeling of greater security in social situations. Plus a renewed respect for the creative resources which are available to us and that playing improvisation games rel...
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I have experienced the power of these workshops to reach into myself. I discovered what I really wanted to express but had not fully realised before. It was a non-judgemental space where I really felt at home. We didn't have to start off confident or even to believe that we could do much but we were given frameworks where we couldn't fail and...
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These courses are addictive. I did a weekend workshop early last year, I’ve just completed a 12 week “I don’t know what to say” improvisation course, and I know that I’ll be back in the future. A great experience, you learn without “learning”, you have lots of fun and all while developing skills that will assist you, whatever type of work you do...
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It’s six months since I did the “I don’t know what to say” course and I’m still seeing the benefits, thank you for the whole experience. I surprise myself sometimes as to where my confidence comes from in relating to people.
Being in Breakthrough was one of the most enlivening, unique and rejuvenating experiences of my life and I have only started to realise now how beneficial, truly healing, spectacular and special those days were filled with so much beauty and such amazing life-saving long-term effects. I was at a point in my life where from being a confident spon...
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When I joined the course, I was in search of my professional identity. I was feeling quite stuck and depressed, systematically censuring any of my initiative or/and myself. As an actress I was always feeling frustrated, unsatisfied with my work no matter how good my performance was. This was slowly but surely leading me towards the black hole of...
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