Course participant reviews for Finding Your Voice (Confidence, Public Speaking)

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I attended the 'Find your voice' course on zoom in order to gain some tools in overcoming my anxieties at work meetings and speaking with conviction. The various exercises introduced (which were effectively delivered online), in addition to feedback received from Claire and the other group members really helped to increase my confidence, re-fra...
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For me it sounded like the best course for me and after looking online and then speaking with Claire who confirmed for my issues I would benefit from doing the course, and she was right. Not only was I forced to face my issues, this was done in confidence, in a fun way, with new found friends in a very supportive and non judgemental environment....
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I have been working my way through many of the Making Moves courses since 2014, from the Express Yourself Workshop, on to the Breakthrough course and then just recently completed Finding Your Voice. I've already signed up for I Don't Know What to Say. That commitment is surely a glowing testimonial in itself! In some ways I wish I had a kind of ...
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What led me to doing the course was feeling fed up of getting so nervous everytime I have to public speak, whether that’s a presentation at work or in a group of people socially. Claire’s course equips you with strategies to help overcome and understand how to handle that anxiety/ nervousness. I know I will still get nervous in some situations b...
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I choose this course on Clare’s recommendation having talked to her briefly on the phone and explained my situation. The course moves at a good pace, with enough time at the start to get settled and talk to everyone. The exercises are challenging and push you outside of your comfort zone but I found the environment to be very supportive and Cl...
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Claire is a great teacher and is very patient and understanding towards all the attendees. She helped me to improve my confidence when speaking in a group. I would highly recommend her courses to others who are interested in self improvement.
Having tried multiple variations of therapy, most of which came at a very high price, I found Claire, the course and the group, one of the most effective ways to help manage my anxiety. I find myself now, much more confident in trusting my instinct and knowing what to say...It's been 20 years of dealing with a common thread of negative self talk...
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I absolutely didn't believe that how my confidence is changed now in compare with before I got involved in this course. It gave me alot of confidence and I'm so excited that I will continue to do more , thank you Claire for helping me. I hope i will see you again. For those who out there need to improve their confidence this course is absolutel...
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The course really worked in building confidence and reducing nerves. It is more effective than any other course I have tried. May not suit everyone but I think that it would work for most of the committed to the course.
It is the first course which has given me the starting point for overcoming my fear of presentations
Really enjoyed the course, I did other public speaking courses, but found this one most helpful as we did a lot of various exercises and everyone in the group had lots of opportunities to perform and practice in front of the group. Claire managed to create very supporting and open atmosphere, sessions were very fun and interactive. Learned a lot...
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Liz G
Before the group started I was very anxious. I was wrestling with the desire to stay safe and invisible vs the desire to break out and start making some noise and fully participate in life in a more authentic way. I was concerned the other participants would all be a lot younger than me and I'd end up feeling worse than before! (They were all a ...
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Excellent course to increase your confidence and manage nerves in any public speaking situation I decided enough was enough and I wanted to get over this fear of public speaking. I was offered a new job that would involve making presentations and chairing meetings. This is something I had always wanted to do but this hidden fear held me back. On...
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When I joined the course, I was in search of my professional identity. I was feeling quite stuck and depressed, systematically censuring any of my initiative or/and myself. As an actress I was always feeling frustrated, unsatisfied with my work no matter how good my performance was. This was slowly but surely leading me towards the black hole of...
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