UK Oil & Gas Operator Up-Skills their Commercial Team in Aberdeen


UK Oil & Gas Operator Up-Skills their Commercial Team in Aberdeen

In this ‘new normal’ oil price environment of $60ish per barrel, companies in the North Sea are fighting hard to manage costs while holding onto vital experienced and skilled staff.

With major energy companies and large ‘tier 1’ service companies continuing to downsize their global organisations, we have to ask ‘how do the remaining workforce feel?’ Lucky? Maybe for a short time, then some realise that this unsecure world of Oil & Gas is not for them and move out of the industry all together, leaving large gaps in experience and technical skill.

Mandatory V’s Discretionary Training

Industry reports suggest that in many cases discretionary spending has been frozen across the board whether it is travel, training or other operational costs. This is, of course, a sensible cost management process, but what long term effect does this have on staff morale, motivation and retention?

At what point does a tight belt start to restrict the flow of ideas, technology advancement and innovation which is what our industry is famous for?

If we cast our minds back to 2013 (only 2 years ago), we remember attending at least a dozen seminars and workshops on the lack of skilled workforce issue. Since then we have seen a huge change in the industry, but at what cost? Are we making the same mistake as we did 8 years ago? Will we lose our most valuable assets?

UK Oil & Gas Operator Up-Skills their Commercial Team in Aberdeen

Recently, MDT International has begun working closely with another major Oil & Gas Operator in Aberdeen as they ramp up their activities in the region, despite the challenging oil price.

Taking their commercial skills very seriously, they believe that understanding the ‘big picture’ is not just the responsibility of senior management but of all their team.

In June this year, they began this up-skilling process by running a Petroleum Economics & Risk Management training course for a group of their staff in Aberdeen, which focused on their own unique challenges and covered some of the key petroleum investment appraisal and decision making processes.

MDT’s Training Director, Nick Sands delivered the workshop. ‘It was a real pleasure working with this team as they not only learned a great deal from the course content but were also keen to find proactive ways to work better together as many of the participants had recently joined the organisation from other companies.'

Some of the participant’s feedback comments:

‘Once again a fantastic MDT course. Highly knowledgeable instructor bringing real life examples to the course materials, thanks again Nick’

‘Excellent rout taken from start to finish with explanations of considerations/tools to help further learning. Open discussion and knowledge of the sector by Nick enhanced the course beyond the description’

‘Excellent course, informative and discussion invoking. Enjoyable over and above.’

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