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Sarah Long
I had severe stage fright which ultimately got so bad that it stopped me from progressing at work. I signed up for this course after a colleague recommended it and found it incredibly helpful. I'm not really a drama person so I initially found some of the exercises a bit awkward but after a full day, my confidence and presentation techniques wer...
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Atif Bajwa
I really liked the information shared and practiced in the course. It is very helpful and useful for making personal impact in customer engagements and presentation skills.
Alicia Gonzalez Ramos
Very good course which I would more than happily recommend to other people. some of the exercises made me feel a bit uncomfortable but that is only because they were way out of my comfort zone. The trainers were excellent and I actually enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. The feedback email received a few days after the course was great...
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Elisa Cairoli
Being quite shy by nature, I was skeptical when two colleagues of mine pushed me to try the Influence and Rapport course. We actually ended up coupling this with the Personal Impact course. It was a total blast! The teachers are amazing and able to build exercises around your specific needs and challenges. Classes are of 8-10 people which is the...
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Having completed the NT's Personal Impact course about 6 months ago, I was keen to attend this follow-up. I have to say it didn't disappoint. Similar to the PI course, there were some genuine and practical solutions to a variety of workplace issues - focusing both on personal issues through to coping to external influences and how to effectively...
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Charlotte Bostock
Fantastic course, would highly recommend!
Thanks to great instructors and a friendly group we were able to really benefit from this course. To begin with we focused on creating relationships, both with each other and through the techniques we use naturally. We investigated the different forms of confidence and power, through assigning ratings to our external and internal status. We p...
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Excellent course, great tutors, well worth spending a day learning how to use your voice and presence with impact.
A progressive approach that challenges you and ends with the delivery of personal advices. This in addition to all the group work. An intense, pleasant training that changes your perception of communication.
I would never thought I would be striding around a room quoting Shakespeare, on a training course, BUT I was. The safe room enables you to be braver, bigger and louder than you dare to be in your every day working life and it was extremely liberating. I found creativity inside me that I didn't know existed! Observation from the trainers br...
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The course was amazing! I got so much from the day - the trainers were wonderful and gave some really helpful feedback and suggestions! I can highly recommend this course!
The course was great! I really got a lot out of the day - the trainers were fantastic and gave some really helpful feedback and suggestions! I can highly recommend this course!
There was definitely an air of anticipation and light dusting of anxiety as we awaited what was in store for the day. What followed I cannot recommend more highly. A very engaging day with two tutor-actors who immediately made us feel at ease and created an open and inviting atmosphere. We received personal feedback throughout the day from t...
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Stimulating, interactive, thought provoking and more than your usual training. Really appreciated the extras that made it a great experience all round - nice lunch trip to the Theatre's restaurant, a ticket to a play in the evening included, and detailed written feedback afterwards.
I really enjoyed the course and it was different from all the other courses I have done over the years. I think with any training course you are lucky if you take away more than 2-3 rules of thumb to keep in your head afterwards – most courses where you sit at a desk and get inundated with information and a big book of papers is all forgotten wi...
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A great session, covering voice, posture, movement, emotion and presence, in a truly interactive, experiential way. Lots of practice and feedback from the coaches and your fellow students. Strongly recommended
Jeremy Stanton
A well constructed, well run course, which challenged me in exactly the way I hoped it would when signing up. Even if I remember only some of the techniques it will help improve my presentational skills, and on a personal levelhelp me enjoy the experience of presenting more.
KC Liang
One of the best courses I have been on. Highly practical and engaging. Highly recommended.
I had fun on the course and the exercises and feedback has proved valuable for my work, social life and fitness
Andrew Palmer
Good course. Well run. Great moderators. Felt more like a traditional impact course than the other theatreworks course I did which was very theatre technique dominated. The card exercise and the place yourself on a map exercises were useful but something ive done before. The theatre element is your USP so you should press that home more (from th...
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Nick Millar
excellent in all aspects from start to finish - lots of fun too
Nick Millar
excellent in all aspects from start to finish
Lisa Henshaw
Theatreworks is designed to push you out of your comfort zone and it really does! Using theatrical exercises and techniques throughout the day really helped to highlight different ways of communicating. Working with the group and facilitators, I also learned how I can come across more confidently to make my voice heard and engage people I'm pres...
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The course's highlight was the individualised personal feedback on how to improve one's impact. The course moderators were really good.
Dawn English
This course would suit anyone who wants to improve their influence in a meeting or who has difficulty with building rapport with others. It is a really effective course, any self consciousness was quickly over come during the morning’s exercises. It was fun and enjoyable. I left feeling energised and confident that I could put into prac...
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