The Complete Teaching Assistant Diploma

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Course description

The Complete Teaching Assistant Diploma

The teaching diploma provides you with 82 information packed modules that takes approximately 40 hours to complete. The course gives you a lifetime access to the modules so you can refer back to the modules as and when you need to. During your studies you enjoy online support at all times.

This diploma is CPD approved to give you complete peace of mind.

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Suitability - Who should attend?

Anyone who has an interest in learning more about this subject matter is encouraged to take the course. There are no entry requirements to take the course.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

What you will learn

This course comprises of five separate courses which provide you with the knowledge and skill you need as a teacher in the modern UK school. The modules will teach you the following:

  • SEN Diploma - CPD Approved
  • Teaching Assistant Diploma - CPD Approved
  • Autism Awareness Diploma - CPD Approved
  • ADHD Diploma - CPD Approved
  • Dyslexia Diploma - CPD Approved

Benefits of Taking This Course:

There are numerous benefits to taking this Teaching Diploma course. The advantages are as follows:

  • Fast track your career.
  • Boost your knowledge and skill.
  • Study at your own pace. You can complete the course full time or part time depending on your schedule.
  • Enjoy online support throughout your studies.
  • Get five courses combined into one at an affordable price.
  • Take advantage of the lifetime access to the modules for future reference.
  • Study modules online and with any device linked to the internet.
  • CPD Approved.
  • Industry recognised certification on successful completion.
  • Download and print your certificate immediately on completion.
  • Gain valuable insight and knowledge you can start using in the workplace without delay.

On completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate.

Training Course Content

Course Modules/Lessons

  • The Complete SEND Diploma (Level 2,3&4)
    • Module 1: Introduction to Special Education Needs
    • Module 2 : The History and Evolution of SEN
    • Module 3 : Constructivist Theories of Learning
    • Module 4 : SEN Code of Practice
    • Module 5 : SENCO Support for SEN Students
    • Module 6 : The Different Types of Needs
    • Module 7 : Identification, Assessment and Support of SEN Pupils
    • Module 8 : Behaviours: Reasons and Restorative Practices
    • Module 9 : Understanding Sensory Impairments and Physical Disabilities
    • Module 10 : Understanding and Addressing Difficulties in Cognition and Learning
    • Module 11 : Speech, Language, and Common Communication Issues
    • Module 12 : Learning Difficulties: Autism
    • Module 13 : Learning Difficulties : Dyslexia
    • Module 14 : Learning Difficulties: Dyspraxia
    • Module 15: Learning Difficulties: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    • Module 16: The Importance of SEN Knowledge
    • Module 17: Specific Learning Difficulties
    • Module 18: Psychological Perspectives on Behaviour
    • Module 19 : Understanding and Managing Anger
    • Module 20 : Teaching Approaches and Strategies
    • Module 21 : Educational Outcomes
    • Module 22 : Every Teacher’s Responsibility

    Level 2 Teaching Assistant Diploma

    • Module 1: Defining and Explaining the Role of a Teaching Assistant
    • Module 2 : Understanding Schools as Organisations
    • Module 3 : Supporting Development in Pupils: Practice and Policies
    • Module 4 : Supporting the Teacher and the School
    • Module 5 : Applying Learning Activities to Support the Teaching of the Curriculum
    • Module 6 : Legislation, Legal Obligations and School Policies to Ensure Pupil Wellbeing
    • Module 7 : Learning Literacy Skills with Teaching Assistant Support
    • Module 8 : Learning Numeracy Skills with Teaching Assistant Support
    • Module 9 : Supporting the Use of Information and Communication Technology
    • Module 10 : Supporting Play and Learning
    • Module 11 : Supporting Pupils with Disabilities and Special Education Needs
    • Module 12 : Supporting Gifted and Talented Pupils
    • Module 13 : Working With Children Who Don’t Have English as a First Language
    • Module 14 : Managing Behaviour, Providing Pastoral Support and Engaging in Personal Development
    • Module 15: Engaging Parents in Their Children’s Learning
    • Module 16: Planning and Delivering Learning Activities Under the Direction of the Teacher
    • Module 17: Leading Extracurricular Activities
    • Module 18: Working Effectively as a Team and Promoting Good Working Relationships
    • Module 19: Confidentiality, Equal Opportunities, Safeguarding, Promoting Equality & Diversity With Students
    • Module 20: Health, Safety and First Aid

    Autism Awareness Diploma

    • Module 1: Introduction to Autism
    • Module 2 : Learning Disabilities Associated with Autism
    • Module 3 : Causes and Diagnoses of Autism
    • Module 4 : Language and Communication Skills
    • Module 5 : Understanding and Dealing with Autistic Behaviour
    • Module 6 : Addressing Common Myths Connected with Autism
    • Module 7 : Recognised Approaches to Autism
    • Module 8 : Best Practices when Dealing with Autistic Individuals
    • Module 9 : Organisational Considerations
    • Module 10 : Ethical Considerations and Legal Obligations
    • Module 11 : Encouraging Autism Awareness

    ADHD Diploma

    • Module 1: Introduction to ADHD
    • Module 2 : The Family Picture of ADHD
    • Module 3 : The Diagnosis of ADHD and its First Treatments
    • Module 4 : The Picture of ADHD and how it affects the Child
    • Module 5 : Moving into Adolescence with ADHD
    • Module 6 : Moving into Adulthood with ADHD
    • Module 7 : Recognised Approaches to ADHD
    • Module 8 : Treatment with the Holistic Approach
    • Module 9 : Patterns of Behaviour of Which Parents Should be Aware
    • Module 10 : How Parents Can Cope with a Child That Has ADHD
    • Module 11 : Everyday Issues to Be Overcome By Everybody Involved
    • Module 12 : The Future for an Individual with ADHD
    • Module 13 : Common Misconceptions Regarding ADHD
    • Module 14 : Success Stories
    • Module 15 : Key Points to Consider Regarding ADHD

    Dyslexia Diploma

    • Module 1: What is Dyslexia?
    • Module 2 : The Causes and Diagnosis of Dyslexia
    • Module 3 : Types of Dyslexia
    • Module 4 : Dyslexia and Phonics
    • Module 5 : Dyslexia and Writing and Spelling
    • Module 6 : Dyslexia, Speaking and Listening
    • Module 7 : Dyslexia and Mathematics
    • Module 8 : Dyslexia and Science
    • Module 9 : Dyslexia and Creativity
    • Module 10 : Dyslexia for ESL (English as a Second Language) Learners
    • Module 11 : Living and Working with Dyslexia as an Adult
    • Module 12 : Co-Occurring Conditions with Dyslexia
    • Module 13 : Management and Support for Dyslexia
    • Module 14 : Dyslexia and the Law

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