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The mission set by Odyssey Online is to provide top of the line digital learning solutions to corporations, organisations, and individuals across the world. Odyssey Online aims to achieve their mission by designing e-learning content for their clients, as well as offering their award-winning products. 

Odyssey Online realize that each client has a unique corporate culture that is specific to their needs and desires as an organisation. Therefore, Odyssey Online uses their ability to tune into these specific corporate cultures and allow it to become the basis for each strategic initiative within learning and development that they take on. It is their most vital success factor as a company.

Award Winning E-Learning Solutions

Odyssey Online was named the winner of the Swedish Learning Awards in 2014, receiving "Best E-Learning Provider of the Year", "Best Mobile Learning Solution", "Training Initiative of the Year", and "Best Innovation in Digital Learning".

Odyssey Online Play

Odyssey Online is excited to offer their Odyssey Online concept for the American training market. Odyssey Online is a very strong product in their portfolio which offers short, succinct, e-learning training for corporations or individuals. There are various libraries within the Odyssey Online concept, including Marketing, Leadership, Sales, Project Management, Office 2010, and Office 2013.

Each Odyssey Online module offers training and insights on these various subjects for preparation and practice. These training modules primarily consist of e-learning through video format and are instructed by the experienced and engaging speakers from different professional industries. The material in these Odyssey Online training modules has been developed with a focus on valuable and practical advice that organisations or individuals can apply to their daily routines. Each e-learning training module from Odyssey Online can be assessed via computer, tablet, or mobile device. 

User Friendliness for the Organisation

Odyssey Online training modules are easy to use and provide the following benefits to your organisation:

  • The ability to quickly and easily distribute an inspiring tool in skill development.
  • Access to online video on the PC, mobile or tablet device
  • Training modules are short, succinct and practical
  • The ability to choose the selection according to your organizational needs
  • Odyssey Online is perceived as simple, attractive and, above all, it reaches all target groups
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