Course participant reviews for Osborne Training

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I have been with them for 3 three months and the sessions have been a lot practical and helpful. My issues got resolved almost immediately. The course material too was excellent. Fully content with sessions
I had no background in accountancy so took on level 2 course. It has indeed been really informative and successful in acquainting me to the field of accountancy. Learned the basic concepts but what really helped me grasp them strongly is my regular practice. Would rate them 4.5/5.
One of the modules that I had long difficulty with; advanced bookkeeping, was quite easy to grasp. Teaching staff helped me along the course with my queries which is what i liked the most. Great course!
Loving the sessions being provided over the internet for bookkeeping classes. Taking a deep dive into tricky concepts of indirect tax and bookkeeping controls. All in all, a good course.
Gene Perry
I started classroom sessions before the lockdown. love the classes and learning so much. After lockdown, i am doing classes online via their VLC which is a new mode of study for me. Learning it quickly to complete the course at home efficiently.
Marcus Duncan
So i am a small business owner and digitizing my payroll operations. Since i can't afford the extra staff to pay for, i opted for this course to familiarise myself with the payroll software. Too the whole package as it was more economical. As i had expected of them, the course was up to the mark. Learnt many new concepts while practising on the ...
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Charley Erle
I am aboutt to sit AAT Synoptic Assessment and took their revision courses. Interestingly, i brushed up on many concepts that i had nearly gotten off my mind. Recorded sessions were quite helpful. Practice books were okay. Overall it refreshed my memory and totally boosted my confidence. One word. Decent learning experience!
I got a consultation here, which helped me understand my needs based on the skills i have. And the solution i got was to get a complete sage training since i wanted to pursue my career in this area. I am very happy with the course and learning many new things each day. Also the practice material helped a lot to retain those concepts. Quite hopef...
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I was a bit torn between accounting and bookkeeping course. But it was all well explained by the student support, which helped me finally make my mind for the right course. I opted for the bookkeeping course. The enrolment was troublefree and i got my sessions started very soon. So far, i am having the best of the best learning experience with t...
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Initially, i was a bit reluctant to go for online course as the social distancing norms are in place. But it was a risk which i had to take. I am halfway the course and very much satisfied with the content and support. Online sessions are good too. It has been quite an easier learning for me.
Casey E
I am about to complete my AAT level 4 and then i plan to go for accounting qualification. By my experience, i can say i have been tutored well. The communication with the instructor was flawless and she was quite friendly throughout the course. The study material helped me learn at my pace and is quite good as well. So, full marks from my side f...
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Samir Azer
I am doing my AAT level2 course with Osborne Training during these hard times. What i liked the most is their uncompromising course quality. Love the friendly and helpful live classes. And now, with all the time in world, i am making full use of the study material available in the course package. Learning something new every day!!
I am aspiring to gain full AAT membership or the famed MAAT status. So, took the first step in that direction with Osborne Training by going for AAT L2 course. The course quality was absolutely excellent due to which i am going to enrol for L3 as well in the next week. If you're seeking a professional career in accounting, i totally recommend go...
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I came to learn about them through one of my friends who had a good experience with them. Enroling into AAT bookkeeping online course was easy. Just a few clicks and i was assigned the classes and was given the schedule. In addition, i also got VLC access for online study stuff. If i rate my experience so far, it should be 4.5/5. Totally satisf...
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This was my first time going for an online course, so was a bit skeptical. But the initial conversations with the staff regarding the course gave me some confidence. I received thorough consultation over the phone after which i enroled in confidently. I didn't find online sessions to be compromising on the quality end. With the help of the f...
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Filip White
It was pretty easy for me to get enrolled for AAT level 2, thanks to their very supportive staff. I received study material and am already moving ahead with my classes. No issues and if there were any, they were resolved instantly.
I just booked my AAT exam in Birmingham with Osborne Training. It was quite simple for me as i knew the process already, but nevertheless, google was right in displaying me their page link on the first position. Easier user interface accompanied by a detailed blog for newbies. So thumbs up from my side for the great service.
Lovely staff with excellent communication at the Watford institute. The website could be slightly more informative about the schedule of the course but everything was well-explained regarding my AAT course via phone and email.
Carter Morris
I joined AAT level 4 course at Birmingham campus with funding by my current employer. To be honest, it has been a great learning journey so far knowing that the course is going to further boost my career and skills. I was thoroughly guided and regularly received comments from my tutor at each step where i went wrong. Next, I will be sitting the ...
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Got called back pretty quick after making my initial enquiry for sage payroll training in birmingham, everything was explained well and communication via email was really quick. Enrolment was very simple, would use again.
Studying with osborne training has been the best experience for my sage payroll online course. The excellent support from my tutor, a variety of learning resources and the reliablity of the VLC has ensured me that i'll achieve my career goal soon. I highly recommend studying with osborne training.
Bailey Woods
I was a bit hesitant to start an online course. But after starting Sage 50 online course with them, i am very much relieved and thankful to my tutor who is such an expert in this subject. I just throw my queries at here and she explains them all without much delay. These stars are for your helpful support mam. Thanks
Hayle Romanson
My experience with Osborne Training was a positive one but I have to say that my tutor made the experience even the more special. She was quick in her responses, very knowledgeable, helpful and made the learning processes an enjoyable and seamless one. The study materials and books provided for ACCA courses were easy to use and understand. I WOU...
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I am so pleased to find two job offers from two different companies right after completing my Total Accounting course with Osborne Training. They are so professional and trainers are really helpful. The Online Career HUB provided by Osborne Training helped me to prepare my CV up to the mark and went through in detailed mock interviews session to...
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Alex Linder
My SAP FICO and SD training finished recently. One thing I loved how I can access all detailed reports easily without having to navigate through a lot of unnecessary things. However, sometimes SAP System wont get the exact report you are needing in detail. If you want to learn SAP my suggestion would be to have patience. I have found that ...
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