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Ana V
I have learned a lot about legislation related to mental health and civil rights. Learned about different mental health illnesses, their symptoms, possible causes, possible treatments and how the conditions affects people. I think the learning experience with Skills Network was excellent, communication was always good since day one and they prov...
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Habib M
The course itself is fantastic also its gave the person a confidants to deal the situation. I am Union Learning co Ordinator and I have more then 12 members train by skill net and others . I find its beneficial to the employer and the society
Faye R
I learnt all about mental health and mental health issues. It has given me a better understanding of the issues people face. Fantastic good clear course and support if needed very easy to access.
Stella B
I was told about this course from my line manager. I really enjoyed this course and I want to learn more about Mental Health Illness. I found it very useful and I now understand a lot more, I feel more comfortable talking and listening to people with a mental illness.
Janine J
I was interested in the mental health field of work so decided to complete this course to get a better insight into mental health. Since studying the course, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to embark on a second one with them.
Louise S
My passion has always been helping others. All my life people have came to me for support. I also wanted to make a difference & how the medical profession approach, question, diagnose & treat all forms of mental health especially with the younger generation. I gained in-depth knowledge, different methods & benefits when techniques/skills individ...
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Tina T
I wanted to study this course in order to formalise my knowledge of equality and diversity and ensure that I am up to date with legislation and current thinking. The support was good and easy to access.It has helped to bring my knowledge around legislation up to date and also helped me to explain my work and the principles of equality and divers...
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Zoe C
I chose to study this course to improve my knowledge and assist in my current and future roles. I found the course easy to understand and the feedback was very thorough and useful. I am now more aware of how our sessions should be structured, especially in relation to gaining permission from the client on next steps and repeating the process as ...
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Beverley L
I have to give out information, advice and guidance, so I wanted to make sure that I was doing it in the correct way. The learning resources were very helpful and encouraged me to research the questions more thoroughly by carrying out additional reading. The information that I have learnt has been useful for communication assignments and questio...
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Joanne P
I'm a stay at home mum thinking about my future when I want to go back to work. I decided I wanted to work with children so competed this course to get me going in the right direction. This course was really informative and helped me to think about what direction of childcare I wanted to go into. Really useful reading resources packed full of in...
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Emma T
I have recently been looking at a change of career and am really interested in working with children. It was great to be able to learn from home and to fit it around my schedule. The course itself was really informative and enjoyable and I really feel as if I learnt a lot from it. It's been fantastic! I'm currently on my second course and thorou...
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Steve J
My role involves Project management so I wanted some info on how to understand why processes are used or to underpin ideas. Very good, course was done at times to suit me, occasionally felt the deadlines but these were necessary to ensure the work was completed.
Cherie M
I chose to study this course due to being on a temporary contract at work, to give me the opportunity to gain further employment. It has given me more skills to deal with customers on a day-to-day basis, and it’s also given me more confidence to take up further study. I found the whole experience great.
Farrah A
I decided to study this course in order to better understand dementia and how to care for people with it. It's given me an awareness of the different conditions that affect individuals with dementia.
Adam L
I decided to study this course to help increase his employment opportunities as well as to better himself on a personal development level. I'm learning a lot from the course. Some of the things I've come across have been a little more demystified. Motivating people has been highly beneficial to me. The online syllabus is interactive and very wel...
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Holly R
As part of my career development I wanted to learn some skills in leadership & management to allow me to apply for jobs in this area as they came up. The course content was really relevant and I learnt a lot. It gave me food for thought and enabled me to apply some of the skills even though I wasn't in a management type role. Since completing th...
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Bethanie S
I chose to study this course to gain more knowledge. It helped me get an extra qualification. It was a smooth experience.
Neil C
I decided to study this course as I manage a colleague at present. So, having a more rounded knowledge of leadership and management styles is extremely useful. The course had excellent material, good feedback, support on the phone or by email when I needed it. The course has helped me to have patience and understanding with family and friends, e...
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Alexandra B
I wanted to study in more depth what working with individuals with learning difficulties implies. I learned about the legislation used to protect the rights of individuals with learning disabilities, what procedures should be used for a safeguarding and how important personalisation in care is for an optimal and effective approach. I learned a l...
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Hannah G
I wanted to study this course to get a better understanding of an aspect of my role. I am starting a new job in care, which i haven't done before but always wanted to do. I learnt a lot from this course, I was pretty much blind to any aspect of care before completing this course but now I feel like I have a lot of understanding around this care ...
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Emily P
I studied this course to improve my understanding of a field I currently work in. There are not often opportunities to retrain or revisit certain subjects when you work for a small business. These free courses are an invaluable resource. This course has helped me stay current within my field. Enrolling with The Skills Network is quick and easy, ...
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Ann Marie F
I chose to study this course as mental health is a big part of my family and work life. I managed to understand mental health in depth. It has been so easy to discuss and learn whilst I am at work.
Karen J
I chose to study this course for personal reasons. I wanted to understand more about mental health in children and young people. It's been a pleasure to do and to have help when needed.
Tracy G
I was offered the chance to study the course, along with all staff members within the school. The course gives you an insight into what some children are going through in their lives and how you can make a difference to how they feel about themselves and their lives. The course is now making me question some of the things that the children say a...
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Philip C
I wanted to study this course to solidify my knowledge and help me provide the best care possible in my role, as I work in a SEN school, supporting students who may need help. It has cemented my knowledge and helped me somewhat to understand how to help my students.
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